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... It turned out to be a bone spur next to where my wisdom tooth was. The bone was through the gum wall. Local pain injection, incision on the gum to expose the bone, filed down the bone smooth. Four stiches to close. Not a pleasant proceedure mainly because of the location and the filing. ... (2 replies)
... ore. Left alone it does not hurt. It feels like a needle. It has penetrated the gum. Very hard like bone. Can't be the tooth it's not there any more. If the bone is out bacteria can get in. I will have to have something done about it. Has anyone else experienced such a problem? ... (2 replies)
... It's hard to tell from here but I assume it can be what you are describing, e.g. a bone edge that has became apparent due to receding gums, etc.. Or perhaps it's something you previously ate that got stuck into there. ... (2 replies)

... My dentist was able to sort that out and it thankfully seemed to heal ok but I was left with a tiny hole in the side of my gum with a sharp piece of bone sticking through, but like I say it was tiny so it didn't bother me and the dentist said it would go away itself. ... (2 replies)
... n, ache occassionally for no reason, tooth sensitivity or teeth that start looking longer or are more exposed, the base of the tooth looks discolored, etc due to bone recession. ... (2 replies)
... I had a tooth extracted two weeks ago and it looks and feels like bone is coming out through the top of the extraction site and also through the side of my gum. Is this normal ? ... (0 replies)
... About five weeks ago my jaw was broke on both sides. They had my jaw wired shut for two whole weeks. The whole time after it happened I felt something slicing into the bottom side of my tongue. I thought it was a wisdom tooth that was dislodged when I was kicked in the face. After surgery they never said anything about it so I assumed it wasn't a big deal until I move my... (0 replies)
... t will stop bleeding and it will feel better I had all my top teeth pulled in july and 2 bottom teeth pulled about alittle over a month ago and have had about 10 bone spirs I pulled them out myself but not everyone can so if not the dentist can remove it. ... (2 replies)
... My story starts in December when i got a small pain below a front bottom middle tooth. The pain was below the tooth in what felt like was the bone.The gum under that tooth was receded and swollen although not on any other teeth. ... (4 replies)
... Hi there, I was looking for this exact thing on google and came across your post. I too have the exact same thing happening right now with bone sticking out the right side gum above extraction, its at the side and not at the actual hole so to say and it's freaking me out. ... (2 replies)
... I had two extractions just over six weeks ago and my gum healed quite well. I did have to have some bone that was coming through the gum a few days after the procedure but the dentist just clipped it off and it healed nicely. ... (5 replies)
Bone sharps
Apr 27, 2006
... I guess I had bone sharps. ... (1 replies)
... o harden quickly. The first surgery i had, one part cracked off after a few days and that had a piece of stitch hardened into it so i had to have my husband cut through the stitch because the stitch was thru my gum and the broken bandage was hanging by it. ... (25 replies)
Gum Surgery
Feb 12, 2007
... It sounds like a bone graft. Some perios will use your bone tissue from another part of your mouth since it tends to integrate well and chance of rejection are less likely to occur. ... (24 replies)
... eave my home....which is not often due to MANY health I put them in and about 5 minutes after having in I felt pain and tightness in my upper right gum area. When I got home I took denture out and saw a bone coming through the is not out of gum yet b t thin layer over it.. ... (2 replies)
... Has anybody onboard had surgery for bone loss plus bone grafts with synthetic bones. I just had my six month checkup and for the first time the hygienist used the probe to check the depth of pockets in each tooth based on x-rays on my last visit that showed bone loss (Periodontist). I had a consultation with the gum specialist who suggested surgery and synthetic bone... (8 replies)
... which I thought was high but my insurance covered it fully. I had one bone graft done but can't recall how much that was. With the way inflation has been in dental care over the years the costs sound about right. ... (8 replies)
... BONE LOSS. And LOTS of bone loss I might add. ... (25 replies)
... is pretty common with tooth extractions, especially wisdom teeth extractions. It is really nothing to worry or be concerned about. What is happening, is that the bone is healing. As it does, it is not uncommon for tiny bone fragments that have not fused back into the bone to rise to the surface as the bone heals. ... (2 replies)
Gum Surgery ?
Feb 13, 2001
... put my partial in, which immediatly brought me to my knees in pain. So tomorrow I should be going to the oral surgeon. Has anyone ever had this happen with the bone coming through and reexposing? ... (0 replies)

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