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... Just because these types of braces seem to be faster does not mean that they are. They are just faster in terms of the time it takes to do adjustments. You might want to look into Dr. Richard DePaul Jr. in Ohio. ... (5 replies)
... So the Damon Braces work faster than regular braces? ... (299 replies)
... good. The more it hurts, the more your teeth are moving and the faster you will see results. The first few months everytime you go to the dentist, your teeth will hurt for about 3 or 4 days. ... (3 replies)

... I never got braces when I was young. I'm 24 years old, and even though my teeth are healthy and don't hurt at all, cosmetically I am very self conscious about them. ... (2 replies)
... Don't feel bad about the expander. You and my ortho are right, I needed to do this. It's not adding any extra time onto my treatment, I'll still be in braces for 2 years reguardless. Anyway, I only have active expander treatment for 10 weeks, the the rest of the 6 months I don't have to turn the key. ... (299 replies)
... hi , yep been there doing that at 47 full metalmouth braces face , just do it an get it over with , (5 replies)
... l. I will take your advice and ask a few orthodontists the same question. I am moving and since i have to change orthodontists i wanted to change my traditional braces to invisalign. Hopefully, it wont be too expensive to make the switch. ... (2 replies)
... Damon braces don't have elastics that hold in the wire and there is less friction on the archwire and bracket moving teeth faster with greater comfort. They are just more efficient braces basically. ... (299 replies)
... hey Im a 23 y/o male thinking of getting braces. I definitely need them my k-9 teeth are far behind on the top and my bottom teeth are crowded. It'll cost me about 4 grand for the ones with the ceramic / clear braces. The wire is still metal though. It's tough becasue Im a full time employee, college student, and live independently. I could probably stretch it though. Iv'e... (5 replies)
... After going through invisalign, I like it, but unless you are doing something minor, its not really the way to go. Traditional braces will get it done faster and can do a lot more. ... (6 replies)
... I don't think I will have to wear braces for very long. The new type of brackets make teeth move faster and with less pain. ... (299 replies)
... th the metal and get silver rubbers. Not white cause they stain, or any other funky color cause you'll look like a walking neon ad. the only time i've seen metal braces look bad is when instead of the usual wire, they put in the metal chain which is stronger to finish the treatment faster. ... (8 replies)
... hi yes go see an orthodontist a crossbite can also cause TMJ probs down the road , it would be best to do braces now at a younger age the teeth move better an faster not at 47 like me, (headgearjoe) (5 replies)
... Hi Al Badi, I have never heard or seen complaints from people wearing Invisalign about making their teeth bigger. The only complaints I have seen is the fact that they have to change trays often, and if they forget to change, it creates problems, also they have to take the tray off in order to eat, and a lot of people did not like that because it is difficult to take of and... (2 replies)
... Yes I am doing alright today. I just got back from running. I ran only 4 miles, which isn't much. I am glad that everything is going well, except for those springs. There's a few problems with the essix type retainer I believe. First thing is there is a better chance of getting cavities because the teeth are covered so that don't get much saliva. I know its kinda of gross.... (299 replies)
... That will go away soon. Mine went away within a week. This actually fades faster than the marks on the brackets. You can try and scrap it off as well. ... (44 replies)
... At the outset of treatment, my ortho had acknowledged that the Invisalign would be a risk to correct a severely rotated lower cuspid, but he could always put on braces if the Invisalign didn't work. ... (96 replies)
... If the look of braces really bothers you go with clear. ... (2 replies)
Braces or Veeners
Oct 29, 2003
... but I think it works faster than braces. ... (6 replies)
Nov 6, 2006
... The worst part of my braces so far has been the springs and that elastic wire stuff. Powerchains are nothing really. ... (50 replies)

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