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... ce they go on, and the soreness is gone. I was mostly upset because he said this will probably add a few more months to my treatment time. I don't want to wear braces forever. ... (299 replies)
... So the Damon Braces work faster than regular braces? ... (299 replies)
... Just an update. I spoke with my ortho and my recruiter today. My ortho said he highly advises against removing my braces before my treatment is completed. He said it could make my jaw problems worse, and could damage my teeth from uneven wear. ... (299 replies)

... be surprised how supportive everyone is. Eventhough your teeth are straight, they way they meet might be off and causing you all this pain. If that's the case braces could really help, and maybe you won't have to wear them as long. How long were you supposed to wear braces for your second phase of treatment? ... (299 replies)
... You never once felt like you'd be wearing your braces forever? ... (299 replies)
... months so far, I just feel like I've been wearing them forever. Another year and nine months to have braces is going to seem like an eternity. Did you ever feel like you were going to be wearing your braces forever? ... (299 replies)
... I'm glad you're feeling better today. Have you alwasy had back problems? That's horrible being in pain in 2 places at the same time. I think whatever I hit my teeth on knocked them back into the crooked position. Do you know what I mean? This is sorta like when I was younger, and I was rollerblading, I ended up falling face first and knocking three of my front teeth... (299 replies)
... You will be fine eating popcorn. My brackets popped off twice when I had braces it not a big deal just a real inconvinience and sometimes I guess it could hurt. ... (299 replies)
... I can handle having my braces for the expected treatment time, but I'm not sure I can handle having to wear them for longer. Is it common to have to wear your braces longer than your expected treatment time? ... (299 replies)
... Don't feel bad about the expander. You and my ortho are right, I needed to do this. It's not adding any extra time onto my treatment, I'll still be in braces for 2 years reguardless. Anyway, I only have active expander treatment for 10 weeks, the the rest of the 6 months I don't have to turn the key. ... (299 replies)
... I hope you won't have that pain once your braces are removed. About leveling, this is the 2nd phase of treatment out of five. ... (299 replies)
... them out because of all the infections and jaw problems, but because they were growing in crooked they shifted all my other teeth too. My parents would only pay for my extractions if agreed to finally get braces, so here I am. ... (299 replies)
... I don't think I will have to wear braces for very long. The new type of brackets make teeth move faster and with less pain. ... (299 replies)
... I wore braces for a year and a half. Then I was to go back to the orthodontist after all my teeth came in which was only 8 months. ... (299 replies)
... ill have joined the Air Force and I would have came in as an officer. You are treated some much better and get all the good trips. If you are looking to being in military then a marine or army has the life for you. The navy and Air Force are pretty lax. ... (299 replies)
... HI there, When you enlist in the army, will still have keep paying your orthodontist whatever you might owe him. He gave you the braces and if you didn't pay him in full, he will continue to bill you. This is something you might want to discuss with him. You don't want to ruin your credit! ... (299 replies)
... once your teeth get in a better alignment the pain should decrease and the popping hopefully stops. After your teeth are aligned it will almost be an extra year for leveling and correcting any minor issues. That's why you see people with straight teeth but they don't get there braces off for almost a year. ... (299 replies)
... If you had it to do over, which branch of the military would you join? ... (299 replies)
... miles away and I run quite a bit downtown. I am still getting really nervouse about getting out of the military, though I am not excited. My experience is the military was very good and I would never change it. Now I am just ready to push myself more and engineer new systems. ... (299 replies)
... I'm really happy, and appreciative that you encouraged me to let my ortho put in the expander. I don't blame you for any pain I've had. ... (299 replies)

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