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... That's great that you've received some calls on your resume. Are you getting excited to start a new job after you get out of the Air Force? I'm really happy that you've been feeling better everyday. Don't worry, you'll be able to get out and meet people soon. I know you'll feel better once you see some other dr's that are not military. I am pretty sure that I'm going... (299 replies)
... I had a two phase treatment, but I never finished the second part of the treatment. I then went into the military right after high school and had my wisdom teeth extracted and it made my teeth a little bit more crooked. Which has now caused all my different problems. ... (299 replies)
... ill have joined the Air Force and I would have came in as an officer. You are treated some much better and get all the good trips. If you are looking to being in military then a marine or army has the life for you. The navy and Air Force are pretty lax. ... (299 replies)

... I don't think it will be a military dentist that is going to help me. Hopefully my uncle can point me in the right direction. Yes, I am really nervous about being back in braces. ... (299 replies)
... braces. But here is the kicker...........I also need orthognathic curgery. I was wondering if I could get invisilign braces along with my orthagnathic surgery? ... (2 replies)
... are aligned it will almost be an extra year for leveling and correcting any minor issues. That's why you see people with straight teeth but they don't get there braces off for almost a year. I never got my braces off early, actually I was extended a few more months. ... (299 replies)
... I can't believe that you wanted to get your braces removed just a few months ago without completing your treatment. I am glad you have gone along with it. ... (299 replies)
... You could still enlist as long as no one knows that you have had braces. But since you already have braces and your teeth have been moving. ... (299 replies)
... HI there, When you enlist in the army, will still have keep paying your orthodontist whatever you might owe him. He gave you the braces and if you didn't pay him in full, he will continue to bill you. This is something you might want to discuss with him. You don't want to ruin your credit! ... (299 replies)
... anything. Some people say it's great that I'm fixing my teeth, and they want to know all about them because they are thinking about getting braces, or have had braces before. And some people will say mean things like "what are you 12? ... (299 replies)
... If you had it to do over, which branch of the military would you join? ... (299 replies)
... miles away and I run quite a bit downtown. I am still getting really nervouse about getting out of the military, though I am not excited. My experience is the military was very good and I would never change it. Now I am just ready to push myself more and engineer new systems. ... (299 replies)
... ce they go on, and the soreness is gone. I was mostly upset because he said this will probably add a few more months to my treatment time. I don't want to wear braces forever. ... (299 replies)
... I won't have to pay out of pocket, except the military has only a limited number of dentists that you can go see. I am thinking I will give the dental office a call, if I have time tomorrow. ... (299 replies)
... I'm sorry you have had so many problems with your teeth. I suspect you think I should stay in braces until my treatment is finished. I probably should, but I'm torn between what I want to do, and what I should do. I'll set up a meeting with my ortho. ... (299 replies)
... I currently wear braces. I got them on a few months ago, and I still have about 2 years in my treatment time left. I plan to enlist in the army this summer after I graduate. My question is what happens when I go in the military, with my braces? Can I still see my orthodontist, or do they have ones that I'll have to see? Also, will I have to keep paying my orthodontist if... (299 replies)
... pulling one of the teeth so hard he had his knee on my chest. I had novacaine, so it didn't hurt at the time but later my jaw was way worse. Up until I got my braces on my ortho had me taking 4 ibuprofen every 4 hours for the pain. However since having braces, I have had the most relief from my jaw pain that I have ever had. ... (299 replies)
... Thanks for the info m2bozz and Ariom. So this means I can't go into the army until my braces are removed by the orthodontist in 2 years? ... (299 replies)
... You're right though, I will have great teeth once my braces finally come off. ... (299 replies)
... You've had braces before, no big deal, right? ... (299 replies)

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