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... My orthodontist scratched the surface of my teeth when removing the cement during the braces removal. The entire surface of my teeth are rough and scratched up. ... (4 replies)
Braces removal
Jun 6, 2007
... kets or a wire rubbing, you should start rinsing with warm salt water several times a day. This will help to soothe and heal them. Also stick as much wax on your braces as necessary. You can buy it in most drug stores for a dollar or two or just ask your orthodontist for some. ... (3 replies)
Braces removal
Jun 5, 2007
... looking toward the future and being a bit more patient. I'm not sure of the legalities of minors but if you haven't spoken to your parents about you wanting the braces removed you should. ... (3 replies)

Braces removal
Jun 5, 2007
... Do NOT try to remove them yourself. You will damage your teeth. Just have a talk with your ortho and parents and ask your ortho to remove them. I can't stress this NOT try to remove them yourself. You can actually chip and dent your teeth. By the way, they do not come off that easily. Aside from what I wrote above, please consider hanging in there with... (3 replies)
... My daughter has had braces on for 4 years. ... (4 replies)
... Trust me, removal and replacement of the two teeth will be much more expensive and painful than braces. There are lots of options for braces nowadays, as I said minor issues can be corrected within 6 months. I had braces from 28 until 30 and they aren't such a big deal, you get used to them. ... (5 replies)
... My 17 year old son had his wisdom teeth out today. Recently out of braces all 4 needed to come out before moving the teeth he spent years in braces fixing since he has NO room. ... (1 replies)
... placement of healthy teeth is unethical, and I am sure that no dentist in their sane mind would do that. Even if you find someone willing to do that, the cost of removal and replacement would exceed the cost of braces. ... (5 replies)
... ot completely removed it feels rough to your tongue. If the dentist really scratched the surface then it was an accident. Another possibility is while during the removal of the metal brackets it took a bit of enamel with it. This is not unusual if the patient was not maticulate with their plaque removal while in braces. ... (4 replies)
... Hello friends at HealthBoard, hoping this message finds you well. Wondering if you can give me some guidance? I have silently followed Healthboard and similar blogs re: adult palatal expansion for nearly 1 year now. I was in traditional braces for 3+ years- the brackets/wires are still on, but I ended my relationship with my current ortho as I need to seek a new path. I did... (1 replies)
... ray and put my teeth in some sort of plaster of paris kind of stuff and check out how they should go about puting braces in and they remove teeth etc. and then direct you to an orthodontist who puts the braces in and adjusts them etc. ... (6 replies)
... glue stuck on my teeth has to get sanded off by my regular dentist. An orthodontist visited me at my appointment and basically told me he would only put bottom braces in with top braces....and I should expect to wear them for 2 years.... ... (53 replies)
... A few years ago i had my upper and lower braces removed. At around or before this time it was known that i had two upper wisdom teeth. ... (8 replies)
... Apparently i have 3mm of tooth that is not showing, and for my braces to do what they are suppose to, I have to have the access tissue removed. ... (38 replies)
... You don't say if you have braces. Removal of four teeth for braces is very common. So are cavities forming in the wisdom teeth as they are tucked toward the back angle of the jaw and food can collect there easily. ... (77 replies)
... About to have braces removed and dentist wants to do "excess gum tissue removal," which is very costly. ... (0 replies)
... are acceptable for Delayed Entry Program enlistment. To go on active duty, active treatment must be completed and the braces removed. ... (299 replies)
... I had all 4 wisdom teeth takiní out along with 4 other teeth takiní out in order to get some braces... So basically I had much more teeth taking out then you all at the same time.. . All 8 of them.. My face was only swollen the first couple of days and I was out for a week. As long as you have that pain medicine and heal you should be fine. BTW I was 17 when I got my... (5 replies)
... Hi, It sounds as though they may also be calcium deposits from wearing braces. They are very common and are not from the glue but the brace itself where it touches the teeth. You can google "white spots from braces" and it will show you a few photos of the white spots that they can leave. There are also some ideas as to removal. Frequently the only way is to have your... (3 replies)
... Hi, I might get braces soon and the dentist said that they would have to remove my upper and lower canines((cuspids)the sharp teeth) in order for my teeth to have room to move, I thought that was strange seen as they are useful teeth for eating and have very deep roots, I looked up procedures for braces with crowded teeth and they usually remove a set of premolars insted seen... (6 replies)

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