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... Because they are temporary. The color and the look will not have great care too. My temporaries were crooked and the surface did not cut through food. I was told it was because they were meant only to be used for the shortest amount of time. ... (17 replies)
... I am not sure what to do. Two months after I had a root canal on one of my front teeth, it broke off at the base as I was eating bacon. There wasn't much tooth left after he was done and he filled the rest with tooth colored filling. ... (9 replies)
... All four of my wisdom teeth started growing in when I was about 15. They took a couple years to really break the surface enough to be what I would actually call "teeth". ... (0 replies)

... Well to start off I am 23 years old, I never used to be huge on dental care. But I should have been from the start, bad teeth run on both sides of my family and apparently I was cursed by getting poor teeth full on. When I was about 5 I broke a tooth eating a butter finger bb, I never touched one after that. ... (0 replies)
... and knocked one upper front tooth out and the other 3 teeth were very loose. ... (5 replies)
... Tomorrow is my dentist appointment. I still have a piece of something missing from the back of my lower front tooth. all my teeth on the lower front are full of tartar, despite brushing and flossing and having a deep clearning 9 months ago. ... (4 replies)
... I had a front lower tooth crowned almost a year ago. Previous to that it had been root cannaled and it broke, so my dentist made a beautiful crown. ... (0 replies)
... I've always had too many teeth in my mouth, but as a child my parents couldn't afford braces. At around twelve, a friend's little sister sitting on my lap when she bucked her and head collided with one of my permanent front teeth. ... (4 replies)
... I was sitting at home this evening having a snack and one side of an upper side tooth broke off around the filling. There is still some tooth left above the gum line and it does not hurt at all. ... (1 replies)
... Gang, Need some help here. I have lost a front tooth due to peridontal problems. Peridontists wants to extract the tooth on each side of it and remove my only wisdom tooth at same time. ... (0 replies)
My Dental Story
Aug 30, 2003
... l have always had major problems with my teeth. When l was younger l had some of the most awful toothaches from these decayed teeth. ... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. Well my insurance plan begins next week, and just in time. ... (5 replies)
... How is your daughter's tooth now? ... (1 replies)
Temporary Veneer
Jan 17, 2003
... a "temporary veneer" that was put on over a post which was put in after a root canal on my front tooth. A real root canal, a real post, prepped for a real permanent crown. ... (0 replies)
... front tooth two weeks ago. I brought her to the dentist and he bonded the broken half back on and said it didn't look like there was any nerve damage. ... (1 replies)
... smoking, 23 y.o. female. Several years following a fall, I developed a complete fracture in the root of my front tooth. As advised by multiple dentists, the tooth was extracted by a very experienced periodontist and an implant was put in place. I wore a temporary flipper while it healed. ... (1 replies)
... A couple hours ago my poor 11month old slammed his face into the his grandmothers bed frame. It caused is top right front tooth to completely become imbedded in his gum. I took him to the ER but they're not sure if the tooth broke or not. ... (1 replies)
... I just had my permanent veneers put in on my front four teeth, and they look great! My 2 front teeth were chipped in a childhood accident, and now I can finally open my mouth when i smile! ... (5 replies)
... About 6 months ago, I had a grand mahl seizure where I fell and hurt my arm...I also hit my mouth against my desk thinking all I had was a swollen lip.... ... (0 replies)
Bad dentist?
Apr 22, 2007
... been going to this dentist for a couple of years. did a couple of root canals and crowns and everything ok until last november. i broke a procera crown on my front tooth. he took an impression and fitted me with a temporary. which kept falling off . then the new procera crown didn't fit. ... (0 replies)

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