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... Had a large back tooth broken at gum line removed a week ago. ... (1 replies)
Broken tooth
Jun 14, 2005
... Is it a broken tooth in the front of your teeth or in the back? ... (5 replies)
... Ok, just to make sure I had my wisdom teeth pulled like 10 yrs ago. On the bottom left is the wisdom tooth number 17? ... (2 replies)

Wisdom Tooth Broke
Feb 26, 2004
... This is a very long story, so I will make it as short as I can. About a year ago I noticed that my back left bottom wisdom tooth was a little sharper on one edge of the tooth then the other. While eating a sandwhich one day at work, my tooth started hurting. ... (13 replies)
... bone and a portion of my tooth broke off!! Its not the wisdom tooth but the one right in front of it, I'm not sure what the name is. ... (5 replies)
... and she didn't mention anything other than "are you aware you have a broken tooth back here? ... (3 replies)
... After I finished the 7 days of penicillin the tooth and gum felt fine but now not long after I finished the prescription the unbearable pain is back. ... (3 replies)
... I was eating some gummi candy about 25 minutes ago and felt no pain, but my tounge moved down to my bottom left quadrant to the tooth 2nd from the back and I noticed part of it was now gone. The part where it meets my very back tooth is gone. ... (4 replies)
... because there is no opposing tooth to stop it from coming down. ... (1 replies)
... If you get work done on a particular tooth, insurance comapanies will not pay for additional work on that same tooth for another 5 years. They'll only pay for work once every 5 years! ... (5 replies)
Broken tooth
Jun 14, 2005
... just yesterday i was chewing on a pen cap and one of my upper back teeth broke. I spit out a huge chunk of the side of my upper third from the back tooth. I am freaking out. It never hurt before, and I still feel no pain. It's not just a chip. I feel like and also look like I am missing half a tooth. ... (5 replies)
... but if the tooth is loose or broken, could it repair itself and heal over time? ... (6 replies)
... Yep, it could definitely mean that the tooth is either loose or broken. Tooth grinding is classic for making that happen. Teeth can absolutely be loosened by grinding. ... (6 replies)
... ray, and that will let you know if the tooth is broken or loose. Let me know what they say! Also, ask the dentist if they can tell by the rest of your teeth if you may be grinding at night and you don't even know it. ... (6 replies)
... no, unfortunately it is impossible for the tooth to repair itself if it is broken, but if by chance it is loose (and that's why you saw bleeding) then it CAN tighten up if you stop grinding. I wear a night guard for that reason. (6 replies)
... on, have no clue why, which causes some cracks. So 2 days ago, at night I woke up because of a "crack" sound in my mouth together with light pain. A piece of my back tooth has broken off... In the morning when I tried to feel it, another part broke off with moderate pain. ... (0 replies)
... (2 replies)
... ard of this happening, and the oral surgeon my husband refers to has done this with his own patients, so I think you were given decent advice. When are you going back to the dentist? ... (2 replies)
... I have just come back from a very frustrating experience with a dentist. ... (6 replies)
... Back in August 2005 I had a tooth extraction and the gums above the tooth next to it, a big molar, kind of bowed outwards. I'm sorry it I'm being vague but I really don't know how else to describe it. ... (1 replies)

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