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Broken Molar
Nov 24, 2008
... and just had pain worse than ever. I am scheduled to get the tooth surgically extracted in less than 2 days. My question is, can they still proceed even if the infection is still obviously there? ... (0 replies)
... Hi again Laura, What I said earlier stands I speak from a qualified point of view. Also you should not leave gaps in your mouth that is if you have a tooth out and leave a gap there are several problems that can follow.These problems more often than not follow if you have a tooth out and nothing to fill the gap the teeth either side can drift depending on the state of your... (5 replies)
... go see a dentist...i hate the dentist...but you should go before the infection gets worse. ... (1 replies)

... I have a back molar that has broken off. It's been broken for about a year and it isn't bothering me. ... (1 replies)
... I had a broken root canal ed molar fracture about a year ago, Dentist told me I needed to extract the tooth, it could not be filled. I did not like this answer and never did anything from there. ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I had my upper molar (just before wisdom on the left side) removed a week ago. It had previously been filled and had broken, so my dentist thought it best to remove it. It took about 10 -12 minutes for the removal and the pressure needed to remove it was huge. There were three roots and they were quite long and slightly curved, which is why it was so difficult to... (2 replies)
... that tooth just the act of chewing in general and having something in my mouth seems to set it off. The tooth wasn't very sore before the RCT, an old filling had broken off and exposed the nerve, but this hadn't yet developed into a visible abscess or bad infection. ... (6 replies)
... Well, last night while eating ramen noodles the piece of my molar fell out...with no pain or sensitivity in or around the area. My fiance now has me worried though about the remaining tooth that is left up in my gums... ... (6 replies)
... Get to the dentist. I know you have never had an infection before, but that doesn't mean you won't (or don't as the case may be). Also, you want to get the lower one checked so that it doesn't become a bigger problem. A lot of people have a fear of the dentist. There are things that can be done to help you get through your appointment. Your dentist can prescribe you a... (6 replies)
... Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me. This is a long story but I'll condense it as best I can. 4 weeks ago had an extraction of lower molar (one next to where wisdom tooth used to be) 3rd day post op my jaw was swollen and extremely sore to the touch. Went back to dentist and was told "you're fine, extraction site looks fine" When asked about the lump on the side of my... (1 replies)
... ray the lower left molar which had been canaled a year prior. He said it ALSO needed a redo, so off to the endo. I went. ... (8 replies)
... from the back to the tooth just right of the front tooth. The back molar is still a little "twingy" as I put it. I also wonder if that will ever go away. I'll be glad to have this temp. ... (3 replies)
... e or money, i was always making sure my kids had their teeth done, but now they are older and I am in desperate need to get my teeth fixed. I have several really broken teeth. I had a molar and the wisdom tooth next to it abcess 2 weeks ago really bad. ... (3 replies)
... The infection was so bad that it deteriorated some of the bone in that area, and I was told I was lucky it didn't spread down my neck. ... (10 replies)
... that had broken off about a year and a half ago. I was neglecting it and it got to the point I HAD to see the dentist because the broken part was getting bigger and bigger. ... (5 replies)
... appened to my mom and the dentist told her that had she NOT come in that day, she would have been in the hospital within a day or two possibly in a coma from the infection spreading into her brain. ... (2 replies)
... both were abcessed at the time. One on the right and one on the left. I had one broken tooth and went to the dentist who scheduled me for a root canal. While waiting for the root canal I got a very bad infection. ... (1 replies)
... st, I had a molar pulled. And a few weeks after the swelling went down, I would have atooth fragments come up out of the gums. ... (2 replies)
... It had broken all the way down to the bone, after a root canal, so regular dentist sent me to dental surgeon for extraction. ... (4 replies)
... treat of the root canal. She popped off the broken crown and put on a temporary. ... (4 replies)

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