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... my wisdom teeth came in with no problems. A year ago a peice of one wisdom tooth brook off, it continues to break away little by little. I don't see any signs of a cavity and have no pain. Should i be concerned? ... (1 replies)
... My top two wisdom teeth are in bad condition. ... (3 replies)
... ight. I have nver not had a headache, Ever in these past five years. Alot of my syptoms lead me to think I have TMJD but also some lead me to think I may need my wisdom teeth extracted. I was wondering if anyone has constant headaches that never stop. I am very weak and always tired. ... (2 replies)

Wisdom Teeth!
Jun 22, 2006
... I have 2 impacted wisdom on my lower jaw, none at the top. ... (1 replies)
... Hi Inq. I had my upper two wisdom teeth pulled out about a year and a half ago. They had broken through my gumline and my general dentist was able to pull them out in under three seconds, with no problems, with only novaicane. ... (5 replies)
... Canadian. I would like to know HOW these teeth will be removed. The quack told me they will have to break my jaw in two sections... ... (0 replies)
... I wanted to know how many people who recently got dentures had their wisdom teeth taken out? ... (2 replies)
... Is there a good argument for removing wisdom teeth that, although they're not straight and fully out, they don't bother me? ... (1 replies)
... I was advised to have all of my wisdom teeth removed. They are all almost all the way through except the one on the same side as these two teeth that I think I have lost. This one has not even broken the gums yet. Is there a way to pull this wisdom tooth down and make some kind of use of it? ... (1 replies)
... (2 replies)
... I had 3 wisdom teeth removed. The upper and lower left were impacted and the lower right was erupted and removed without problems. ... (2 replies)
... Teeth are darkened from oral rinse prescribed after wisdom teeth removal, one tooth pulled out of its place in my gum. Will need bands to get it forced back into its place. One of my crowns is either missing or damaged. ... (53 replies)
... year old male here getting ready to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted. My main question is in regard to pain killers. ... (1 replies)
... Hey guys, unfortunately, I have got to get all 4 wisdom teeth out, I'm 27, and they never really fully grew all the way in. They have broken through the gums, and are not considered emapacted or slightly empacted. ... (10 replies)
... I had my wisdom teeth out very young (12), and as I remember, it was no big deal. BUT. I've known plenty of people who had them out and had a lot of pain with it. I don't know if it matters, but I've had several surgeries (broken bone plated, gallbladder out, tonsils out, stuff like that), and I've never had a problem with it. I really quite like going to sleep and waking up... (6 replies)
... Hello, sorry to hear about the issues you are all having but my experience has been somewhat similar (unfortunately) so I thought I would share: I got 3 wisdom teeth out 1 1/2 weeks ago. The two top ones and the bottom left. After the surgery, there was a lot of blood in the bottom left and I eventually threw up from it. There was so much blood it came out of my nose too... (53 replies)
... Hi, I had 2 wisdom teeth that had broken through, and they pulled those. The other 2 never did and the denturist and the dentist both said they would both be fine to leave alone. ... (2 replies)
... Ok well , i just turned 17 , and i think my wisdom teeth are coming in , from what ive heard around i dont know if thats good or bad but yes. ... (3 replies)
... Take the IV sedation from an experienced oral surgeon and make your life easy. You'll go to sleep in seconds and you won't even have a clue what happened until you wake up and it's all over. They probably won't even go into your mouth until you're out so you won't need to worry at all about the novocaine injections, etc.. Yeah, it's not uncommon for wisdom teeth to be... (3 replies)
... I am a 35 year old male with healthy teeth. 6 months ago one of my wisdom teeth broke above the gum and the filing came out. I put off going to the dentist for financial reasons. A week later it started hurting very bad. ... (1 replies)

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