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... This tooth feels bruised. If I clench my jaw together, it feels like it does when you press on a bruise on your arm. It's not unbearably painful, just feels bruised whenever I chew on it! It's been like it for a couple of days. ... (0 replies)
... In addition, I had a very deep cavity in the top molar all the way in the back on the left side. He wasn't sure if I was going to need a root canal and said probably not but there is a possibility of it. ... (3 replies)
... Is there such a thing as a bruised tooth? ... (8 replies)

... I am having pain with my last top molar. This tooth had a crown put on after a successful root canal over 6 years ago. I first experienced this pain a year ago and went to the dentist. The X-rays showed nothing and he said the root canal looked excellent. A year later and the pain is returning with avengence. The tooth is not sensitive to hot or cold but is sensitive to... (0 replies)
... days ago and now just biting down or closing my mouth hurts my second molar so much i feel like im gonna pass out. ... (8 replies)
... It's possible that you bruised your PDL ( the tiny ligament that surrounds the roots of your tooth). This usually results in a sore type of pain. Take ibuprophen and see if that helps. It could also be something else, so it's good that you are seeing your dentist. Good luck! (3 replies)
... Thank You for the information. I really appreciate it :) (2 replies)
... My daughter is 5 and she has just the same thing where her adult molar is coming through, its called an erruption cyst and is nothing to worry about its the new tooth pushing up through the gum. My daughters is not painful at all. ... (2 replies)
... ooth also needs to be root canalled. And I am also having pain in my bottom left front tooth as well. During that appointment, I asked him if he could look at a molar tooth because I saw some gum recession around that tooth, so he looked at my gums and they were all pink and fine.. ... (0 replies)
... Maybe the bone is bruised because of my grinding my teeth at night, or even threw the day, because i've formed a habit of pressing my teeth together. ... (7 replies)
... ld make the same dentist redo it at their expense but given it did occur you may likely see the same results. My sister has a similar problem only hers is a back molar so she feels its not worth redoing since no one can really see it except her. She let her regular dentist do it who admitted he was fairly new at it. ... (4 replies)
... I was spitting out tooth chunks for a week and my molar directly next to it was loose for a few months. ... (0 replies)
... er molar that was crowned, and when I went back 2 weeks later for the permanent crown I did mention the complaint to my dentist, who just said that he could have bruised my tongue with the work that he did! I am seeing him in 2 weeks time for a check up so will mention it again if it is still troublesome. ... (2 replies)
... I had to go back in. I couldn't eat on that side and it just hurt. The dr said my gums were incredibly bruised and they fixed it by filing the chewing surface a bit. The thing is, it didn't start hurting until I was flossing one day and just pulled something out... ... (0 replies)
Help! Pain/ache
Jun 13, 2005
... feels sore or like a bruised tooth. ... (2 replies)
... hmm.. I'm wondering if thats what I'm experiencing now. The big swelling in the face has gone down, but I just ran out of antibiotics and there is still soreness or the tooth (prob gums) and a little bit of swelling along the gum line. It's annoying, feels like I have food stuck in my gums :S (21 replies)
... Gosh, can feel all your pain and am empathizing with you!!! I had a root canal in February and the gum around that molar is still sore (feels bruised). Haven't had the guts to get a crown on it either. Hang in there! (21 replies)
Mar 27, 2005
... Ok...About 3 years ago I had a filling fall out of a molar on my bottem left side. Well I waited a few days before going to the dentist and the tooth broke. I got to the dentist and had the tooth pulled. ... (2 replies)
... Would like some advice from other readers. Way back in Sept of last year I had root canal treatment to an upper molar tooth. ... (8 replies)

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