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... ke what I have. I have a cracked tooth that became infected. I believe pus develops at the end of the root which causes that strange, little bump. Mine is up in the gum line and is quite large too. ... (2 replies)
... Hi! About two weeks ago I got a bump on my lower left gum. It is below a tooth that was broken, and then crowned about 9 years ago. ... (3 replies)
Bump on gum?
Nov 8, 2006
... on a niteguard, took so much ibuprofen over the years, i ended up in the Emergency room with a bleeding ulcer. I've taken more anti biotics then i can believe. I've had the teeth surrounding it, scaled. ... (1 replies)

Red bump on gum
Jul 17, 2005
... one of the ones in the back, second or third from the end, on top. ... (5 replies)
Hard bump on gum
Jun 4, 2011
... So I got one of my teeth taken out in February and it hurt on the other side of my mouth really badly that week. ... (0 replies)
Red bump on gum
Jul 24, 2005
... p with this 2 days ago. He went to the dentist yesterday to have it looked at and he said he wasn't sure what it was. He is referring him to an endodontist but in the meantime gave him penicillin. I think this is what they call a gum boil, which is in fact some sort of abcess. ... (5 replies)
... it gets larger. There is no tooth pain. The area just throbs slightly and feels like increasing pressure. Often times, there is a small 2mm circular raw spot in the area. ... (2 replies)
... I had somewhat the same thing...It was a small red fistula on my upper gum above a molar..Some days it was bigger, sometimes smaller...It would drain off and on, but sometimes not at all... ... (3 replies)
Red bump on gum
Jul 28, 2005
... Sounds like it could also be a fistula. It means there's an infection deep in your gum, or the jaw bone. ... (5 replies)
Bump on gum
Dec 6, 2009
... the bump is infection you may have to see a surgeon and have them do an xray and maybe lance into your gums and clean... ... (1 replies)
Bad bump on gum
Jan 18, 2004
... I had my bottom left wisdom tooh removed in April last year due to LOTS OF PAIN it wasnt fully grown in yet either. since then tho ive been gringing and clentching that side more than ever. ... (0 replies)
... Wow, you know what.... That is a great prediction. I neglected to mention the fact that the molar seems to be fractured from the middle straight down the side and all the way to the cum. There appears to be 2 factures, side by side, .5 mm apart. The only reason I left it out is because I spoke with a dentist over the phone and he said that if the tooth was fully... (2 replies)
... Hard to say what it may be since you excluded further identifying details. Are you a smoker? frequent alcohol drinker? In any event I strongly recommend you see your GP (or preferably a dentist, oral surgeon or an ENT doctor) and seek his/her opinion. Good luck. (3 replies)
Bump on gum?
Nov 8, 2006
... I believe the doctor is referring to a neurofibroma. It is a tumor of the nerve cell. The nerves to your teeth are fine in terms of functioning. ... (1 replies)
Red bump on gum
Jul 17, 2005
... Well from what you have discribe it sounds like an absess. An absess can be located above one tooth but the actual infection starting area in the tooth next to it. ... (5 replies)
... Hi there all ..this is a very old post ...But wanted to let you know I have lived with these bumps in my mouth , they still remain in the same places ,,I did have them checked to see if they were cancer but it turned up neg.And it is just exta gum in my mouth... ... (6 replies)
... My dentist appointment isn't until wednesday, but i'm really freaking out right now so I need your help. There's a little red bump on my gum below my tooth, the lower right bicuspid. It's quite painful to touch. There aren't any puss coming out, it's just a swollen red bump. ... (0 replies)
... I moved to TN, one night I got sharp pain on the tooth, and I could not lay down on the bed at night. My TN dentist said that the bacteria had invaded the nerve in the tooth. He gave me 3 options. ... (2 replies)
... Hello. I just had my teeth cleaned about 4 months ago. I had an abscessed tooth which I had pulled because it was in the very back on the bottom. ... (1 replies)
... because I stopped wearing my retainer. My teeth on the bottom start jutting towards my tongue a little more and they even get rough, so I started feeling a the gum pulled back and the little bump infront of it. It has made me worried because the gum is pulled back quite far, and the little bump is sore. ... (0 replies)

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