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... i have a weird bump on my gums towards the back of my mouth. ... (1 replies)
... I have had this for awhile. For some reason I have been noticing it more recently because I stopped wearing my retainer. My teeth on the bottom start jutting towards my tongue a little more and they even get rough, so I started feeling a the gum pulled back and the little bump infront of it. ... (0 replies)
... I have had seven teeth pulled in the last two years and I'm very familiar with all kinds of dental problems. This however is a new one. I had a tender bump start about three weeks ago while eating some veggie chips I bit down and the chip Jammed into my gums because I'm missing a couple of molars in that spot. ... (0 replies)

... I noticed that I have a ridge on my upper, outside gums above my teeth. It starts with my second tooth from the front of my mouth on each side and progressively gets worse as it goes towards the back of my mouth. The lower part of the ridge is a light pink color. ... (1 replies)
... I had a root canal performed on the top right incisor next to my top front tooth, somewhere between 6 to 8 years ago now. ... (0 replies)
Cracked Tooth?
Oct 27, 2008
... The situation that I have is that I was in a lot of pain when a temporary bridge was installed. This bridge is was a replacement for one that I've had for many years. ... (0 replies)
... I had a really bad abscess on my gums below a broken tooth for the past two weeks. ... (0 replies)
... Wow thats the exact same thing im going through right now... :( whats going on? any answers Wow thats the same (1 replies)
... I went to the dentist about 8 months back and she told me Im in the early stages of developing gum disease. ... (1 replies)
What is going on?!
Mar 10, 2013
... About a year ago, my mouth started to really hurt. It was mostly pain on my upper left side. It hurt really bad, I mean, it would keep me up at night crying. ... (1 replies)
... The reason they do it is becuase your root canal has "failed." The root has become infected, so a lot of times you have a fistula, or a bump on your gums where it's trying to drain the infection. ... (14 replies)
... s left you high and dry. He, more than anybody, should know that dentures rarely fit perfectly and that follow up adjustments are almost always needed. The fit of your partials must be extremely poor to cause the kind of damage you describe. I hope they aren't so bad that they need replacing. ... (6 replies)
... theres a bump , fairly good size , it doesnt hurt if i touch it or put a bit of pressure , but its not comformtable , and i dont kno what it is , it feels smooth and circlular and its not on my other side of my mouth. ... (3 replies)
... My dentist made me keep a rotten tooth for a year that only caused agony. He did a perfect root canal on it, no complaint there, but my body refuses "dead" things sitting around in it. ... (6 replies)
... ause it really hurt an affected my face but its stayed away from that gum since but now i have one behind my fron top tooth is there anything i can do to get rid of it without going back to the dentist just yet ? ... (7 replies)
... cesses MUST be treated or you risk in far more serious complications. Delaying would not improve your condition just worsen it. Don't undervalue the importance of seeing a dentist and getting a professional treatment. ... (7 replies)
... That happened to my son. He noticed it before he went back for his post op visit. He thought that it was part of the tooth. What it was was the bone. The oral surgeon said that had never happened to one of his patients before. ... (7 replies)
... I have also developed one sore spot in the right back corner near where the jaw meets the edge of the denture, the soreness there seems to come and go and is possibly caused by the edge of the denture. ... (132 replies)
... Being a past victim of boils, I honestly think that the bump you are describing is an abscess. Have you been to a dentist recently? ... (1 replies)
... like bump in my mouth. It is located on the inside of my lower lip, almost where the skin and gums meet. Now my body is known for developing boils. I have had a couple of boils, lanced, one under my arm, and two on my lower back. ... (1 replies)

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