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... ck to my Dentist today. He said I needed a root canal...he acted ticked off that I had seen another dentist. He attempted to do the root canal and said 2 of the canals were calcified and he could not get into them. He said I had to go to an Endo...He put the same temp crown back on. I cried like a little kid...... ... (9 replies)
... He said no wonder I have been in pain for 5 weeks....... Horrible...... by the way he was able to see my canals just why did my Dentist say that? ... (9 replies)
... they have more advanced training and equipment to do root canals and can often save a tooth usually without inflicting further pain but they can come with a hefty price tag. ... (9 replies)

... Thanks you guys !!!! I will get my money back. Today I am sore from the extractions but no more toothache !!! no more earache, face ache or headache....... It feels good to feel good for a change...... The Endo says he can give me a name of a lawyer that would be happy to send my old dentist a letter if needed to get my money back... I will follow all your advice....Thanks... (9 replies)
... I am so glad you had it taken care of - sorry you had to lose both teeth as a result but you did what had to be done. I agree with what everyone has said too - they should not let bad dentists practice and they should be held accountable just like medical drs are. I hope your insurance does help you get the money back but I once had a similar issue and they pretty much said it... (9 replies)
... I would get a copy of the medical notes from the Endo and send it to the insurance company, and ask them to get you the refund from the first dentist. Then I would get copies of the medical notes from the first dentist and report him to the dental assoication. All that pain you went through in addition to loosing 2 teeth, that's not right. I'm glad your finally out of pain. (9 replies)
... Thank you Choc, I am so relieved and grateful nothing terrible happened to me in the last 5 weeks with all that infection. I think Dentists should be scrutinized just like Doctors are....What a racket !!!! Oleander (9 replies)
... You must be so relieved to get that all looked after by someone qualified. It's a good thing you were taking the antibiotics to fight the infection. Hopefully, things will get better day by day. That other dentist shouldn't be keeping your money. There are some scary dentists out there but thankfully, some really good ones too, and good thing you found one. choc (9 replies)
... Here it is Mother's day and my tooth hurts so bad I can barely tolerate talking to my kids...... I am taking 800 of Motrin every 4 hours and Penicillin 2000 mg a day.....I feel sick and cannot take this pain much longer. I see an Endo on Weds......I hope I can make it....This is terrible... My regular Dentist called and checked on me HAH...... must be his guilty feelings of... (9 replies)
... Thelma, Thank you so much.. I tried to go without Motrin today and so far I have only had to 800 mg once. My tooth is very sore but not pounding. I also got an appt with an Endo for next Weds.....My daughter went to him with her botched Veneers and feels he is good. They quoted me 95. for the exam. The Dentist in Cali said the bridge would not work because the teeth he... (9 replies)
... Had 2 root canals done about 10 days ago and have had nothing but pain since... ... (13 replies)
... In my case, the canals were calcified, which my endodontist explains as natures way of doing the same thing as a root canal accomplishes by closing off the canal completely. ... (6 replies)
... Of course it's not relevant now. Are you suggesting that root canals performed today are the same as they always were? ... (3 replies)
... own towards a bridge. I don't want a bridge from him. I rather have my money back and go some where else. By the way my root canaled tooth that has had 3 root canals done on it has a calcified root tip and they can not get to very tip of it. But they say that does not matter. Ha.. It must cause it still bothers me... ... (25 replies)
... Last week the Endo told me he couldn't get into one of the canals because it was so calcified. He tried again last week and still could not get through. ... (8 replies)
... I have been receiving intravenous treatment for osteoporosis. Now the dentist tells me all my roots are calcified and in need of root canals and caps. There has got to be a better way? ... (4 replies)
... time and I paid him then he did a it the 2nd time no charge then 3rd time I had it done by endodontist and paid again. Mine was complicated as the root tip was calcified and they could never get all the way thru the tooth. ... (9 replies)

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