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... and playing with it. The lump on my gums came back to the stage where it was before i gotten to tooth extracted. What can this be? ... (1 replies)
... tried best by giving meds to cure nfeciton but it was not getting cured the infection was their for aroung 2 weeks , dentist also drained it. but now there is a lump a hard lump down outside part of 1st and second molar teeth. I got my teeth removed dentist cleaned the infection , now after two days thats today . ... (0 replies)
... kind of under my tongue Its hard like i said, not painful and white in color. ... (5 replies)

Weird lump on gums
May 12, 2006
... Brushing really hard is a really really bad thing to do! You will seriously destroy your gums and once they are gone they are GONE! They do not come back. You will ruin your teeth this way. The gums are what supports the teeth. ... (2 replies)
Weird lump on gums
May 11, 2006
... A couple of days ago, I was brushing my teeth and when I was done I felt like something was on the side of my gum, you know right under my tooth. It's on the inside, next to my tongue. I looked at it and it was like a big red elongated lump. And it started to hurt after that. ... (2 replies)
... o. For the past couple of weeks, I've noticed a sore pain on the gums behind my two top front teeth. It almost feels like a piece of popcorn kernel stuck there. ... (1 replies)
What is going on?!
Mar 10, 2013
... About a year ago, my mouth started to really hurt. It was mostly pain on my upper left side. It hurt really bad, I mean, it would keep me up at night crying. ... (1 replies)
... My best guess is that you have an abscess and need antibiotics again.... Hope you have made a dental appointment! regards, Sue (1 replies)
Weird lump on gums
May 12, 2006
... Sounds like an infection. Maybe in the bone or gum. Time to make an appointment to the dentist to check it out. P.S. You shouldn't brush your teeth really hard. It can cause the enamel to wear off and make your teeth sensitive in those areas. Just brush in circles and softly. 2 minutes should do it. Good luck! (2 replies)
... This is a wild guess but it could be your bone. If it's along your gum and it's very hard and just very tiny bump, raised then it could be your bone. You know some ppl have torus or tori on the roof of their mouth or on the lower teeth? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Scarlett, Me too have the same problem with you. I have painless bone/swell all over my gum (front, back, upper and lower jaw). Over time, it grow gradually, i am really worry that it maybe some kind of abnormal grow. I don't have the courage to see a surgeon. What should i do? what is your condition, just want to know whether i am having the same problem as you. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, could u explain to me what these look like? Could they look like a big blister? Or boil? (15 replies)
... could be that your painless lump that "feels like bone", actually IS bone! I have bone spurs all over my gums. My gums have always been very bony and stick out pretty bad, and now I have all of these small hard spurs. ... (15 replies)
... Within the past few weeks, I have noticed a painless lump near one of my back teeth. This back tooth is a tooth that has a root canal done on it and a crown put on it. It hasn't done much of any thing and I have experienced NO pain what so ever. Today though, just about half an hour ago, The lump popped. ... (1 replies)
... It is a lump of tissue on the gums. It does not hurt but bleeds. I had it surgically removed in Feb. and now it is back and bleeding more than ever. I had a hard time getting in to see the Periodontist that removed it but have an appt tomorrow. Why did it come back and why so soon? ... (1 replies)
... i have learned that the hard way!! ... (5 replies)
... Funny enough I came to this board because my left lower wisdom tooth began doing to same thing. My widsom teeth began coming in over two years ago. They never bothered me. I would only cut one tooth at a time only once every 1-2 month and it would feel more like a burn or shapr pain from the cutting, and it only lasted less than a day, so it wasn't a big deal. Since... (6 replies)
... or maybe there is localised decay which you can't see. Some decay can be barely visible to the eye on the outside, but extensive inside the tooth, however, i would suspect you'd maybe have experienced some twinges if that had been the case. ... (5 replies)
... lean my teeth feel. However, recently I noticed the battery power was dying in my brush. I also noticed that the toothbrush head was getting difficult to twist on and off. ... (0 replies)
... What I am about to tell you has gone on for about three years. I have tetracycline stains on my teeth and I had been wanting to whiten them for years. ... (2 replies)

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