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... I wrote you earlier, but I think I pushed the wrong button cause I couldn't find it. OF COURSE YOU'LL BE OUR FRIEND!!! We all need support from one another. So please, write as often as you want, and ask away. ... (55 replies)
... First of all, I want to say good for you for wanting to do something that will help improve your oral health and your self esteem. I was in your shoes a year ago. ... (3 replies)
... I will start out by apologizing for the length, but I really need advice. I am at a point where I am considering dentures. I am only 26. But I have a lot of problems. I had one dentist say it looks like I did not have flouridated water growing up. ... (4 replies)

... I am in the process of getting 6 implants placed right now. ... (13 replies)
... wideawakeninaz! You must go to the dentist soon, insurance or no insurance. If I can do it with my phobia and fears then you can do it too despite your fears of everything. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the feedback on my dental woes, all of you. It strikes me so that even though we've never met, I feel so good when I come here, and get your support, and have shoulders to cry on. ... (5 replies)
... it feels so much more comfortable !!! My extractions were 3 weeks ago. This thread has been very informative !!! I have had 3 adjusts over the past 3 weeks. Most of my sore spots were on the roof of my mouth. For some strange reason my immediate upper plate plate came with 2 raised ridges on the palate part of the plate. ... (132 replies)
... I recently began looking into dental implants. Basically, I need to know what the going rate is for fixed dentures with approx. ... (0 replies)
One day implants
Jan 29, 2006
... l. You do not feel anything as they place the implants in the bone and I was numbed up. After I was sore because remember they pulled all my teeth too. The type of implants I have the teeth are attached to them with little screws. The teeth are very stable and feel very natural to your tongue as well. ... (5 replies)
Approximate cost??
Jul 14, 2003
... Hi all :wave: Well, looks like I have you all beat here! Everything, including extractions by an oral surgeon (24 to be exact), gum shaping, dentures, and one soft reline...a whopping $6100.00!!!!!!! :eek: Of that price, my immediates were $1130.00 and the sedation was $, you can see that my extractions were extremely expensive! My oral surgeon wasn't... (13 replies)
... My Husband got new dentures a few weeks ago and even though he is used to wearing a partial plate, he had some problems the first week too. ... (1 replies)
Ouch,it hurts!!!
Aug 7, 2005
... I keep cracking my back teeth and I was wondering if all your front teeth are good can partial dentures be attached to them? ... (2 replies)
... Please let me know what they say and do.. I am going for my first visit to get dentures on monday.. I was so scared when I called.. ... (11 replies)
... slowly but surely. He told me that it was caused either by a nutrition deficit of my mothers during pregnancy or a deficit as a young child. ... (27 replies)
... Hi everyone, Im new here. My situation is that I have many cavaties and old large fillings. I wish I could keep my teeth but I don't have that kind of money and don't really feel like going through all that dental work. ... (4 replies)
Approximate cost??
Jul 13, 2003
... Molars may cost more, but then having it done by a general dentist instead of an oral surgeon may cost less. ... (13 replies)
... my regular dentist did my dentures and they look great. but of course the choice is urs...but beware of those that are cheap for they will probably look cheap also. the typical price range is around 1000 without the added work to ur natural teeth beforehand. ... (3 replies)
Denture implants
Jun 30, 2002
... Kay, a mouth FULL of implants will run you $30,000 (thirty thousand dollars). So I assume just uppers or lowers would be fifteen? The best professional to go to for these would be a gum specialist (periodontist) He Will tell you the price! You will be given dentures right after your extractions (you'll be more comfortable not wearing them because of gum soreness). Aster (4 replies)
Dental Tourism
Jun 16, 2009
... said, i did some research and ended up going to Morocco, a country my wife always wanted to visit! one stone, two birds, holidays and teeth done, for one third of the price proposed in the us ! we had an amazing time in Casablanca. We also got to discover Marrakech.. beautiful. ... (5 replies)
... Rosie, you have described some of the worries I have about further receeding after treatment and I'm sorry to hear it's causing you such angst. ... (5 replies)

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