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... Okay February 18th of this year had molar extracted on the top. I felt something sharp on my gum where tooth was taken out. Told dentist. He exrayed it and said the tooth was totally removed. ... (2 replies)
... Its usually from the extraction site, as the roots are removed a fragment or shard of the surrounding area of the jaw bone is broken - kind of like when you pull a weed from the ground some dirt from the surrounding area loosens especially if the roots were deep. Usually they surface on their own over time like a splinter and then can be extracted using tweezers but if its... (2 replies)
... He just said it would wear away. Haa!! I may have to give him a call or dig it out myself.LOL Thanks for explaining that to me. (2 replies)

... Very common after a tooth extraction. Go see your dentist if they bother you. ... (2 replies)
... Against my better judgement, I agreed to my dentist's request to pull out my last wisdom tooth, on the upper right side. It is a tiny, tiny tooth he said, and won't cause any problems at all. ... (0 replies)
... Hi All, I had a tooth that was bothering me so i went to the dentist in hopes to have it extracted. ... (3 replies)
... Anyway, I thought that 3 months later, all was find but here comes that bone growth on my lower jaw! It is very painful as it is now sticking out of my gum and it is quite sharp. ... (9 replies)
... I had a tooth out 2 weeks ago, everything was fine until i felt a sharp object comming out of my gum, i went back to the dentist and i had to have another injection and was cut to extract the piece of bone. ... (1 replies)
... Hi - I am so sorry you have been going though this jaw issue for over 20 years - and I do hope also that anyone on this forum that finds help, lets us all know what they did or who they saw for help - my story is a long one too, because it started a long time ago, so I will summarize as best I can - my problems began in 1993, when I got braces - I was 29 - I had 4 pre- molars... (72 replies)
... immune disease..most likely due to a bone infection, after a wisdom tooth extraction I had about 20 years ago. ... (12 replies)
... ould barely open my mouth. I am still not eating REAL foods, as everytime I chew or swallow I feel as though I am getting stabbed by something. There is a very sharp object in the area where the tooth was. I have been back several times. The last time was for the stabbing pain... ... (2 replies)
... I've heard vague rumors that, on some rare occasions, sinus..problems can be caused by wisdom tooth it likely in my case? ... (3 replies)
... r only had some mild underlying pain most of the time, but for no apparent reason at all, there would come the intermittent, sharp, jabbing pain higher up in the tooth that would send me all broken apart. Eventually, the pain even spread to the teeth of the opposite arch, they called it referred pain. ... (51 replies)
... my mouth when the orthodontist did the braces he created a space on both the right and left side of my top teeth. This space was between the first two molars. After the braces were off, I had to have a Marilyn bridge put in on both sides. ... (2 replies)
Advice needed
Aug 22, 2008
... This dentist should of NEVER of have attempted to remove this tooth. Why , if he had half a brain would he do this. And it took him 4 hrs. It's clear how incompetent he is. Then he sends her to the oral surgeon??????? Something wrong with this picture. This dentist did everything WRONG not right. If he realized it would be a problem and addressed it to her then why didn't he... (6 replies)
... looking instruments. They were sharp and pointy, and the metallic surfaces gleamed in the flourescent light. There were also two, huge syringes, and two vials of Novocaine lying nearby. ... (2 replies)
... and it all went well until 2 days later when i was in excrusiating pain in my gums. Well everyone told me i was just a wimp... it shouldn't hurt after a day or 2. ... (1 replies)
... I still feel like I have pneumonia and yet my chest xray was ok and so was my sinus one. Sheer insanity. All of my teeth ache continue to ache. Following the extraction of my second molar over 4 weeks ago, nothing has changed. ... (25 replies)

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