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... canal on a back molar. My dentist did it, but during the procedure, he pierced my maxillary sinus cavity. ... (0 replies)
... I've had 10 root canals....first check to make sure they did the root canal on the right tooth...and if they could be a sinus canal infected.... ... (2 replies)
... Went to the dentist the other day and I was questioning the need for a root canal because the pain was subsiding. ... (24 replies)

... Should I ask for a root canal on that tooth or pull it instead? ... (2 replies)
Botched Root Canal
Apr 20, 2004
... rays to see if the infection had spread to my sinus cavity or if the dentist had broken through to the sinus cavity. ... (1 replies)
... I just had a root canal started last Tue. For the first time, I had nitrous oxide, laughing gas, as well. ... (1 replies)
... ing that much Advil since I don't tolerate other NSAIDS very well. I am still having pain but it is not so severe now. I also feel like the infection may be in a sinus on the right side of my head. I have been sneezing a lot and having pain and feelings of pressure around the right side of my face and around my right eye. ... (7 replies)
... I had to wait for five days, but I wasn't in bad pain so it didn't matter. You must be miserable with the sinus infection and tooth pain. Can your dentist write you a prescription for pain pills? ... (24 replies)
... and at one point, one of the files pierced my sinus cavity. ... (3 replies)
... Wow, I can't believe just because the problematic tooth is close to the sinus cavity, all the dentists you've seen just told you to bear with it and no other options. ... (7 replies)
Molar Extraction
Mar 12, 2006
... s ago. I have been in pain the whole time. It was a throbbing pain for about 5 days, and now just pain and a low grade fever. Two days ago, I get this horrible sinus seemed to happen over night. The doctor told me the root of the tooth was so far up in the jawbone that it exceeded into the sinus cavity.... ... (0 replies)
... so I would agree to go to an endodontist if a root canal is necessary. ... (3 replies)
... I have had sensitivity in one of my front teeth for years. Whenever I had a sinus infection, afterward the tooth would hurt for several days, then stop for a few months. Then on and on the cycle would go. ... (2 replies)
... s only, I went to him and he looked at my xray and tapped on the tooth and it was tender but did not hurt at all yesterday just my head, he said I do need a root canal so I got it done, I had to pay 700 because I maxed out my insurance with the bridge. My head still hurts today so does my neck. ... (3 replies)
... but just an uncomfortable feeling that sometimes briefly pulses into my sinus above that area. ... (0 replies)
... pimple like thing on my outer gum above my root canal mollar. ... (5 replies)
Failed root canal?
Oct 16, 2004
... root canal back in the mid 80s. ... (0 replies)
... can be root canaled and crowned, but will need to be pulled later as the crack progresses. I don't have an infection currently. The endo was suggesting we root canal it as it MAY need it in the future. Seems a little pricey and risky to do the root canal because it might need it in the future. ... (10 replies)
... Almost 2 weeks ago my face, right at my sinus cavity, became slightly swollen and sore to the touch. ... (5 replies)
... ha is biologically inert and does not react within the body, so I think it's unlikely the gutta percha caused an allergic reaction. If the tooth that had a root canal and was later removed was in the top molars, then those teeth are often very close or right up against the sinuses. ... (3 replies)

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