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Right now as I type this I am a little stunned. Let me tell you my story.
I have always been overweight, so that is not good. But the last week I have noticed an odd symptom. I have been going to the bathroom alot. Voiding too much. Well, I just figured, I am getting older and need to go more frequent. So.... that was written off.

I have a glucose monitoring meter at home. It was my grandfathers and works fine. For some reason this afternoon around 3 pm I just decided to see what my blood sugar was. It was 174 and I had eaten about 3 hours earlier. I was stunned. So this evening I ate a normal dinner. I tested my blood sugar 2 hrs after eating and it is 183. I will not eat anything else and see what my blood fasting sugar is in the morning. I hope it isn't 126 or above!

I guess I never thought this would catch up to me. Maybe if I get on a diet and loose weight I can change things. :rolleyes:

I am really just wanting someone to talk to about this. I am not going to mention it to anyone here unless I know something for sure. I think my husband would freak out!

Whether it is positive or not, this is really a wake up call for me. I am going to try to do better for myself and my family. Taking care, exercising and eating right! The things we know to do but are hard to do! LOL!

Thanks for listening!

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