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Hi everyone. I am 24 and today at my job there was a health fair where one can be tested for hiv, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure. I had my blood sugar level checked. They just pricked my finger and put it on a strip which was read through a tiny device. The result was 120. I was told normal levels are below 100. She told me that it was borderline okay and a little high. Now, I had this done like about 30 minutes or so after a ate my lunch with a soda. Would that cause it to be so high? I had my blood work done probably about 3 times in the past 9 months (fasting blood tests) where they basically checked for everything and my blood sugar levels were always good according to the doctor.

I was kind of nervous at the results so I made an appointment to see my doctor on monday so that I can do another blood test just to be safe. Does anyone know how high blood sugar levels rises after eating and drinking? Thanks.
I don't think your test was abnormal at all. I am quite suprised that they would tell you it should be 100, especially if they knew you just had lunch. Sodapop alone will cause the glucose levels to rise - the fact that you were only 120 is a sign that everything is working just fine. If I drank a sodapop, my glucose would shoot up over 200!

There are several accurate ways to test - a fasting glucose, taken first thing in the morning before any food is consumed, is one of the primary indicators of diabetes because it shows your body's glucose response in the absence of food. Another way to test is called post-prandial - this is precisely 2 hours after the first bite of your last meal. So it would have been better to check your blood 2 hours after lunch, rather than 30 minutes.

Here are some standards for blood glucose levels (also note that some of these numbers have been recently lowered):

Before Breakfast (fasting) - < 110 (used to be 120, now they look for 100)
Before lunch, supper and snack - < 110
Two hours after meals - < 140
Bedtime - < 120
HA1C - < 6%

Before Breakfast (fasting) - 90-130 (now 80-120)
Before lunch, supper and snack - 90-130
Two hours after meals - < 160 (now 80-140)
Bedtime - 110-150 (now 100-140)
HA1C -< 7%

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