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Like you, I was very thin at diagnosis...but I had been on a medication prior to that that caused weight gain. I was on the med. for about 4 years, during which time I was 25 pounds over my normal weight. I believe that triggered the severe insulin resistance that I later found myself with, despite losing the weight.

As far as your questions, unless you are VERY underweight, I wouldn't try to gain any. The thinner the better, insofar as insulin resistance goes. If you're still losing weight, that's another story, and you should consult with your doctor about it. But,I doubt your weight loss is due to the diabetes as you would have to be running extremely high blood sugars and be in a state of ketoacidosis to experience diabetes-related weight loss.

Below are the goals for blood sugar control set by the Joslin Diabetes Center. They give the goal ranges for non-diabetics as well. Please note that even for a non-diabetic, a blood sugar of near 140 two hours after a meal is not uncommon, depending on the type of food eaten. The difference between us diabetics and non-diabetics is that our post-meal spikes tend to be higher and tend to last longer before coming down. But, based on these numbers, I think you're doing great! The numbers your doctor gave you sound like fasting blood glucose targets, not post-meal targets.

Goal blood glucose ranges for diabetics:
Before breakfast (fasting) 90-130
Before lunch, supper or snack 90-130
Two hours after a meal <160
Bedtime 110-150
HbA1c or A1c 7% or less

Goal blood glucose ranges for non-diabetics
Before breakfast (fasting) <100
Before lunch, supper or snack <110
Two hours after a meal <140
Bedtime <120
HbA1c or A1c <6%

(< = less than)
Also, note that "2 hours after a meal" means two hours after you START eating, not from when you finished eating.

So, as I said, your blood sugar levels sound FANTASTIC for a diabetic! It would be nice to know what your HbA1c is, too.

As for "too much protein", well that's only true if you've got some kidney damage. Your doctor should have done some tests to determine that...blood work, urinalysis, etc. It's unlikely that you've got any damage since you've just developed this as the result of your pregnancy, and you're thin, and your blood sugars are well controlled. But still, it's a good idea to ask your doctor and make sure he/she is doing all the right tests, etc.


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