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Re: What to eat...
Apr 16, 2005
[QUOTE=jdimassimo]I a happy to help.

I am a "recovered" T2 diabetic not taking any medication. I control with diet and excercise alone. It requires discipline, but it is possible.

Before I can help you, I need more info.... your gender, age, height, weight, activity level, glucose levels (in other words what #s led to the dx of diabetes). Do you test your glucose before and after your meals?

I have not been around here for while because I have been really busy at work. But I will share with you that my glucose levels now test within normal range 24X7, my HA1C is now 4.3, I have lost 125 lbs, my cholesterol is half of what it was 1 year ago (normal range). I am literally 10 years younger today than I was 1 year ago.[/QUOTE]

Omigosh, I was wondering who you were. I knew there was someone on the board who had "recovered" from this hideous disease and I couldn't remember who it was. Is there also another member, 'ubernier' or something like that, who has gotten rid of the diabetic symptoms and numbers? I feel like the original post here, this disease is something you'd probably not even wish on your worst enemy. I'd like to know your story, too. HOW in heaven's name did you lose 125 lbs? I need to lose roughly 70 and I'm finding it impossible. My endocrinologist says I will never lose weight being on Avandia and without the Avandia my numbers would be out of control, talk about a double-edged sword.

For those of us who are new to the game (and board), would you mind repeating your amazing success story, please?

I'll give you my information if that would help. I am female, close to 50 (ouch!), 5'2" and an ungodly 190 lbs. My normal weight is 120 or below but shot up by 50 lbs. from hypothyroidism, then another 20 or so when I went on Avandia. I was diagnosed as Type 2 three years ago when I became extremely ill, suddenly losing a good portion of my vision (which returned in roughly three months), and my blood sugar tested at 438. Quite a shock as there is NO diabetes in my family that anyone is aware of. I'm the first, lucky me. My A1c's have been running from 13 in the very beginning, 5.9 a year ago to the last one in March of this year which was elevated at 6.7, my doc is okay with that but I'm not. I'm terrified of this disease and would like to be medication and symptom free. Currently I take 2mg. of Avandia a day and one 500mg Glucophage a day. I am ashamed to admit it but I do very little in the way of exercise, no finger-shaking, please, I know my faults, I inherited rheumatoid arthritis from my dad and have extreme fatigue and pain with it that makes exercise difficult.

I'm almost afraid to read your reply, I know I'm a "bad diabetic" and scold myself enough without others doing it, too, but if there's even one small thing I could manage to change to make myself feel better, it would be nice.

Thanks...Roxanne :(

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