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Kari, you are asking some very good questions. It is refreshing to see children so caring with their parents.

First, I have been a type 2 diabetic now for about 8 years. I take 1000mg of glucophoge daily as well as 8 ml of Advadia. About a year ago my doctor put me on insulin in addition to the mentioned meds. I started out at 10 units and now am up to 40. I take one shot at bedtime preferrably about 1/2 hour after my evening meal. My sugar readings are up & down as well.

In answer to your question concering the up and down readings, this is normal. I'm not sure what type of insulin your father was prescribed, but my "Lantus" is not a fast acting insulin. It will work for many hours after I take it. It is my understanding that most diabetic meds are time released to try to get us on an even keel with our blood sugar levels.

Being sure your father is eating properly is the biggest step you can take in the right direction. Then, it sounds like you have a very uncaring doctor, however, if your doctor is a general practioner, he may not be very specialized in one certain area of diseases. You should try to get your father enrolled into a diabetic education class. This is very helpful. It could be that the meds aren't working properly because he may not be eating the right kinds/amounts of food at the right times. Sad to say and hard to do, but it's so true that us diabetics find it very hard to eat right. It is a constant battle.

You should remember (and the doctor should have given him a guideline) that normal blood sugar readings are somewhere in the vicinity of 70-125. Any thing above that is considered high. Being diabetic, I am very lucky to keep mine at around 140-150 even with all the medication. If I drop below the 120 mark, I usually feel sick, weak and shaky and know I need to eat something (a small amount though) with sugar or starch.

I hope this answers some of your concerns.

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