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I have to respectfully disagree with Ruth that Splenda, Equal and Sweet n Low packets won't raise your blood sugars. They will. There is an ingredient in them called maltodextrin, which is a form of sugar but not table sugar, so the companies that make it aren't required legally to tell you it's sugar. If you are trying to keep your sugar levels below 180 mg/dl 2 hours after a meal, including these sweeteners in your foods/beverages will not hamper your efforts, but if you want tighter control, say 85-105 mg/dl all of the time, regardless of when you ate last, you will find that these sweeteners will NOT help you any at all. Stevia is best, and I also use equal tablets in my morning coffee. Equal tablets do contain a sugar-based bulking agent just like all of the aforementioned packets, but the amount is small enough that it will minimally affect your sugar levels. Sweet n Low liquid may also be a decent choice. So, whether or not to use those sweeteners really depends on how tightly you want to control your overall blood sugar levels. If given a choice between Splenda and table sugar, definitely use the Splenda. You may be in a situation from time to time that provides you with little or no choice.

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