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Ok, it works. I've been having trouble posting on another forum but this one seems okay.

Some of you might remember me as the one with elevated post prandial glucose levels but nothing else indicative of diabetes. Well, I saw my doctor again and got the result of the repeat Hemoglobin A1C. It was 5.7, which I agree is normal. I told him I wasn't surprised as I have been eating like a diabetic for 4 months and I guess it works. My first HA1C was 6.3, just out of the normal range. I thought that was a little high for someone who was not supposed to be a diabetic (corresponds to average blood sugar of 120-130) I did some research and began testing my blood and found out that I did have some high post prandial levels (never over 250) that must have brought up the average (I have a normal fasting level)

Since beginning eating like a diabetic (by that I mean eating 3 meals per day with portion control/limit snacking/being careful of carbs)my 2 hour post prandials have improved. I have also lost 16 lbs in the last 6 months. Sometimes my 2 hour pp readings are normal (less than 120), other times they are between 120-140 which is probably still okay but not great, but other times they are just plain abnormal. For ex, last week I got a 2 hour reading of 218 and 171 at 3 hours. My doctor says there is nothing wrong with this, that many normal people get readings like this, and in fact, his are probably worse since he doesn't eat as well as he should. It was my impression that the normal person doesn't have to worry about how they eat because the normal pancreas takes care of the sugar. (weight control, cholesterol issues etc is another matter) I asked for a 2 hr glucose challenge test (where you drink the juice and your blood is tested 2 hours later and the result of this tells if you are normal, impaired or diabetic)and he refused. Said no way, not with a HA1C of 5.7 and a normal fasting, regardless of what my 2 hour readings are.

This contradicts everything I have read and am really puzzled. I made an appt with an endo who does not require a referral. He has a website so I thought that he would be open to patients who do research on their problem and generally more receptive to patients who think for themselves.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of dilemma? I've lost confidence in my doctor because of this. On Monday I am going to a diabetes support group meeting where I hope to find someone who will encourage me. It's not that I *want* to have diabetes, I want to know the truth. Also, if he is wrong about this (according to what I've read in professional journals etc) then what else about my care is he wrong with? Help!


Hi Eddie:

Thanks. I am trying to eat the way your mother eats and it seems to be working. The only thing you said that I disagree with is the statement that if you overeat your numbers will be up, diabetic or not. I don't think this is true. I'm not talking about gorging yourself with some overwhelming carbohydrate
but when a nondiabetic eats a large meal, his/her pancreas takes care of it. The nondiabetic's blood sugar is maintained in a narrow range. It will go up, but should not go over a certain amount. According to the Joslin website, the normal nondiabetic blood sugar does not go over 140 at 1 hour post meal and should be back down to 120 at 2 hours. You should try testing yourself (I'm assuming you're normal, who knows, you could be like me with only post prandial elevations) and comparing it to your mother's levels. I agree with you when you say every professional has his own idea of how things should be.


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