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Just a guess...
I'm diabetic, periphereal neuropathy, CVA, CAD, veinous insuffincey, statis uclers.
The info you gave about legs around the ankle.
You may want to talk with doctor about type of your circulation problems. Mine is venous insuffinecy(valve shot in my veins, causes blood to pool in my legs + swelling and leakage of blood into tissue). Hence redish brown discoloration to skin(color is from breakdown of red blood cells and does not change, once blood has leaked into tissue). Blisters start out looking like blisters with clear liquid in them and sometimes, but not always breaks open and this is called statis uclers. Which with diabetic can be a very hard sore to cure. Good thing about mine is surgical weigth graduated compression hosiery in 20-30 mm compression has greatly reduced swell in my legs and feet and increases blood flow due to action of compression and no active uclers at this time. When active ucler I have bandage liner for wrap and hosiery My right leg went from 25 1/2 inch diameter to present diameter of 19 inches. I stress though, THIS IS TREATMENT ONLY A DOCTOR SHOULD ORDER AND MANAGE. No one should do self diagnosis much less treat any medical problem without doctor's supervision.
Good luck,

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