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Okay, so, i am a compulsive over-eater. I have always been underweight all my life, people often calling me aneroxic because i was so thin although i didnt have an eating disorder of any kind, a year and a half ago, i did develop an eating disorder. I was so pre-occupied with food, i wanted to make sure i ate a lot and always ate in front of people so no one would think i was aneroxic, now i have an obsession(OCD) with it(food) and other things as well as concentration/depression. I am taking an perscription anti-depressant called Celexa now, 20mg a day in the morning. I always thought anti-depressants slow you down, often making you even sleepy. THere was even a warning on the bottle that said "may cause drowsyness" so that means that it would slow you down right? Well.. recently i have been very jumpy. A lot of my cravings are sugar as well. When there is no sugar in the house then i dont go for anything. I am drawn to sugar and carbs. Cheerios, i eat bowls and bowls of cheerios in one sitting, often times 15-18 bowls and then i go back for more. Lots of times i wake up in the middle of the night, eat a half a gallon of icecream, sometimes i look in the fridge and i cant find any icecream/cookies so i just go back to bed. I can eat a whole bag of oreos/chips ahoy cookies too, in one day. Well, here is my point, and to make a long story even longer, i went to Publix the other day with my dad and tested my blood pressure, it said 106/63 and a HIGH pulse of 112, then i went back yesterday, i walked there and i measured it again and it read 105/59 and my pulse was 120! How can that be? So, my dad has been telling me for the past week to STAY away from sugar because it makes me insane. I'm already hyper recently but i am just bouncing off the walls. I drink lots of water but i also eat lots of bad foods, i'm just compulsive and extreme about eveyrything i do. I hear water is good for you, i now drink 6-7 liters of water a day. This might have also contributed to the low blood pressure althought i have only been drinking a couple of liters of water in the last few weeks, i've been slacking because i am going to too many events where there is not a bathroom around and i dont want to be a burdeon. Anyway, do i have hypoglycemia? i've been trying to stay away from sugar but then i go home and i just DIVE in to the icecream/cookies! I have no willpower, i just give in! I have hard time sleeping at night also, my dad said that it's because i consume too much sugar/chocolate. I'm a health nut, like, i know what i'm supposed to do, and ihave good intentions i just dont practice what i preach. I want to get a blood test but i hate needles and my parents wont bring me to get my blood tested. I'm only 15... Any suggestions? I stalked up on wheat cerials w/out sugar and stuff. Also, i eat oatmeal and grits and add just a touch of sweet and low (fake sugar) but i worry about that fake stuff. I've been getting a headache a LOT lately. Not a migranr or anything of that nature, just a lite headache. Any advice would be greatly appreaciated

<3 Bella

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