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I've been diabetic for 38 years. NO it is an utter falsehood, total misinformation, that diabetics get sick more, have worse infections or take longer to recover from illnesses. Infection WILL tend to raise the blood sugar levels, and it is OUT-OF-CONTROL diabetics that must deal with infections, long recovery times, etc. In fact, well-controlled diabetics tend to be extraordinarily healthy due to their extremely good eating habits, low body weight, exercise and fittness programs and attention to the management of their body's health. I worked the same job for 10 years, and could accumulate up to 10 sick days per year. At the end of the 10 years, they owed me for 94 sick days not used, and I believe at least 3 of those days were fro staying home with a sick child. I am a living testimony to the fact that being a diabetic does not mean you get sick--EVER. If your husband does not test his blood glucose, if his levels are erratic or high much of the time, then he most certainly WILL have troubles recovering from illnesses, which will cause his diabetes to be harder to control, which will make him catch more infections and be less able to fight them, etc--setting up a very vicious cycle. The key to disrupting this cycle is test the blood sugar MANY TIMES PER DAY, especially during illness, and make sure you do what is necessary to bring those glucose levels within normal range (80-120) all the time--stricter diet, weight loss, more intensive exercise program, change of medication or addition of insulin if necessary. Control keeps us healthy, control is everything. The key to control is will power and dedication. I should know--38 years as a diabetic teaches you a LOT!!

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