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First I need to correct the above. 4 would be DEAD. A normal glucose level is between 70-120 with closer to 70 the norm for a non diabetic that has fasted. He is anything below 70 get orange juice and peanut butter crackers. Then within 30 min to an hour needs to eat a real meal or within an hour he will be in the same boat. It is called Hypoglycemia and it is sometimes a pre cursor to diabetes. It often happens in families where there are other types of diabetics. Think of it as opposite diabetes, his pancreas is OVER reacting to sugar and starches etc... and producing too much insulin and when he doesnt eat within a couple of hours he will become low. I am a type 2 diabetic and when I eat I get HIGH sugar and have to take medication and excercise to get it down. The diet for a hypo is the same as a diabetic because it is all about eating small meals and snacks all through the day to keep blood sugar levels normal.

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