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Your Hba1c is a test that gives them your average sugar over a period of usually 3 months. They want you to be a 7 or lower so your score was good. However blood sugars do fluctuate 2 hours after eating. Everyone goes to 170 180 etc.. but its the diabetics that do not come back down. A fasting of 125 or less is desirable and since you had that your doctor is satisfied that at this time you are not diabetic. You are right to worry since having the pancreatis. I am no doctor but your levels do look good for now. Some people think you have over 125 means diabetes but that is not always true. Some people get glucose intolerant before they have "diabetes" Some have it in the form of hypoglycemia some have normal readings then higher little later on with no explanation. The most important thing is that your sugar does regulate itself by going back down. Your pancreas (even though only half) is doing a very good job. That second opinion will probably help you alot at least make you feel better. I know it would make me feel better to hear another opinion.

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