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Re: Really lost!!!
Jul 13, 2003
Yes, the sugar level goes up for everyone when they eat a popcicle, BUT, the important thing is how fast the sugar level drops back down to normal. The non-diabetic will drop back down to normal within 2 hrs but a diabetic will not.

Non-diabetic sugar level will be 120 or less 2 hrs. after eating. Non-diabetic fasting will be 70-110. It is best for diabetics to "aim" for the non-diabetic range.

If your fasting is high it is probably due to eating too much food the evening meal or the liver kicked in and added glucose to the bloodstream thinking the body was being starved.

You would be wise to use info from "Sugar Busters" diet in order to reduce your blood sugar levels. A diet of lean meat and green veggies does wonders in bringing diabetes under control. Of course, normal servings is a must plus exercise. Normal servings is cooked veggies 1/2 cup, raw veggies 1 cup, meat 3 oz. Avoid all "white" foods, they are usually starch or sugar.

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