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I was read some of the entrys and read that a non diabetic would never have a bs of 200 even if they ate alot of chocolate or soda? I have experienced levels at different times of 248 and 325 I assumed it was because I drank a pepsi an hour before the test. I am having numours problem with digestive and chest pain. Dr has done every test possible even angigram. Did not test for diabetic. I have problems with leakage from bladder, feet, leg pains and diegestive problems, sore in scalp that won't heal and toe nail problems. My feet are so bad that it aches to walk and I don't know why. Lower legs are red in patchy areas. My eyes seem to be getting worse thought it was that 40 thing but it seems to be getting worse fairly quickly. I cry very easily latly, some time no reason I've been testing my bs lately and they seem to be in range most times only been high three times in year. Is it possible I can be diabetic? I really need help all test have been normal and I'm not crazy, I'm sick and I'm tired of all the test it's very frustateing not to find out hat is wrong. Sorry so long it seems very complacated. Thanks for replys

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