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None of that is really an issue unless his blood sugar levels and a1c tests run high. Basically, as long as he is keeping his sugars under control, and weight isn't an issue, he can eat what he wishes. Injecting the proper amount of insulin to 'cover' whatever carbs he eats can keep his diabetes in perfect control. Some of us just get really good at estimating carbs eaten and shooting the right amount of insulin to cover it. If he can do thiat, then he's figured out a way of living well with his diabetes while controlling it. Some people do manage to do this!

IF, however, his seemingly random eating plays havoc with his blood sugar levels (he should be testing at least 4 times each day, and the tests should fall between 80-120), or he is overweight, or you suspect his drinking is a form of binging, or he has hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) episodes, then he's got problems, and needs to be more careful and more deliberate in his diabetes control.

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