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hi justdave4now------I was diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago with type 2. both parents had it. I have it diet controlled. your fluctuations would scare me. I follow a diet that a dietician recommended to me. Breakfast, lunch, dinner 30-45 carb grams + protein (they say have a piece of fruit, milk, small yogurt in addition to this) i prefer to use my fruits for a snack and am lactoce intolerant so the dairy and i don't agree. before bed i eat a 15-20 carb gram snack. It has truly helped me to maintain my weight, glucose levels and A1C is down to a 5.7. sometimes after fasting all night mine is higher in the morning so i tend to eat as soon as i get up. found some great recipes for low-carb muffins that are a real help when you're on the run. try it. the diet certainly won't hurt you and you might just be able to control this without meds by the time you see your dr. My levels range between 103-125 (fasting) and around 120-140 after eating. Good luck to you.

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