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Hi Lookin....I can tell you what your problem is first hand. I have dealt with Diabetes issues for more than a few years now and have it down to a science. My MIL is completely off meds now due to trial and error and finally success.
So heres the first thing you did wrong.
Never take your blood test after a meal you will always get a high reading even 2 hours after a meal. Stress and diabetes #'s go hand in hand. High stress... high numbers. Take your test in the am before breakfast to get an accurate reading.
Im sorry to disagree with all of the responders here but 200 and over is too high and not good for the body.
Do you drink alchohol? Thats a no no it interacts with meds taken.
120 to 150 is great my MIL averages 100-130 everyday any lower is not good (that starts sweats shaking ect)
Another thing I have found red meat highers numbers also artificial sweeteners.
Fresh fruits are a good thing to snack on during the day Yes I know there are ney sayers out there that say wait some contain alot of sugars...yes but they are in natural form and dont do a number on sugar levels.
And sweetie skipping eating...dont do that you have to maintain fuel for the body at all times because what happens when you stop is the sugars build up cravings go up your hungry beyond reason and your only burning fumes not the bad sugars. they go into hide mode. (sorta speak) Eat smaller meals more frequently. Rule of thumb in this house...anything bigger than your fist is too much. Instead of eating 3 square eat 5-6 times (remember the fruits and veggies) And another rule of thumb try not to eat past 5-6 pm.
Take all white product out of your diet Breads (anything started with flour and that also goes for wheat bread) No startch whatsoever. These things immediatly turn to sugar. Sweetie I could give you so much more info but I would hate to hog so if you want anymore info just ask. :)

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