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I went in and saw my doctor yesterday, and she wants me to up my meds as she said that she wanted to see my fasting levels at 70 to 85!! I just wonder if that is to low, what do ya'll think about that?
If your treatment includes ANY medicines, oral or insulin, then "targeting" 70 is IMO too far: drug activity could push it even further, and put you in danger.

Neither ADA nor AACE is close to this level. '70' and '85' ARE NOT THE SAME, and if your Dr. has a reason why 85 isn't aggressive enough, he/she should tell you (and you can relay this too us).

If it's just a game to push down A1c readings even more, that sucks: My frequent 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s used to make my A1c "look" good, but they were dangerous and unhealthy. Making A1c look better (by TRYING to obtain bG readings which lie right near the margin of DANGEROUSLY LOW) is a really bad "treatment" idea.
I am on medications and they have been upped because the doctor is shooting for the level of 70-85. I have been testing like she told me she wanted, which is two hours after and right before, one of my meals a day(plus I test right when I get up, because she said that the meds could cause me to have a low in the am, which I haven't had as of yet). I have seen a decrease in my numbers for two days, but not to the 70-85 range. I haven't had one reading in awhile that was lower than 95. I am trying to get it lower, and I have added more exercise less carbs and still nothing. I'm sure it is due to the prednisone that I am on, as I had a spike when I had to start that back up again(for 24 hours). As to the diet, I am just doing what I can to make it work for me, I am really bad, and don't think I can cut alot of foods out of what I eat, because I have never in my life had to be on a diet. I'm type 2, and am hoping that this will work for me. I haven't had time to really see what will work for me as of yet, but this seems to be working so far. Can someone tell me what a normal A1C level is and what are your doctors shooting for?

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