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[QUOTE=AlwaysWondering;3040516].... This morning I was 100, but two hours after I ate lunch today I was 99. ... my blood glucose never falls below say 93 and never goes above 112 to 120. So do I really have a problem??[/QUOTE]

My suggestion would be, don't ignore this wake-up call. Normal blood glucose ranges are a lot lower than the diabetes diagnosis benchmarks. Normal fasting BG is 70-90ml/dl. And normal HBA1c is 4.3% - 4.6%. So your levels are definitely elevated. Your blood glucose is returning to normal, but it is taking a long tiome for your pancreas to make this happen - hence the HBA1c of 5.4%. So there is most likely some insulin resistance there there could already have been some beta cell death.

Bear in mind that, with the onset of T1 diabetes, blood sugar only [I]starts[/I] rising after [I]80%[/I] of beta cells have been destroyed. The indications are that, while you aren't a diabetic yet, your body is having difficulty keeping blood glucose down. Ignoring this is not going to make the problem go away. It will just mean that by the time you eventually start treating it, you will have a much bigger problem to deal with.


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