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Hi all I am 41 years old
I had bloodwork done a couple of weeks ago and got a call from my GP. She said she is concerned over my Blood Sugar Levels. She said every year it is getting higher and higher. This was a fastting blood test. She said it read 120. She feels it is not good.

I was on Metformin at one time due to PCOS. I went off of it because I ended up with a Hysterctomy2 years ago.
She told me that she is giving me 3 months to get it below 100 or back to the Endocinologist and most likely back to Metformin.

Is 120 realy considered a problem?? or is she getting a little too over protective??
i mean yes, diabetes does run in the family. My Aunt has type 2, my grandparents had it too.

Yet I dont understand. I dont drink soda at least not regular soda, I do drink diet soda sometimes, I dont eat much carbs and the majority of the time if I even do have bread it is whole wheat. Not a big sweet tooth either. yet my hubby can stick a fork and claim it into a chocolate cake at 2am and eat the whole thing and his blood is fine:mad:
Then again I have a hard time loosinf weight too.

Any imput would be appriciated
Thanks all

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