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[QUOTE=Yikes777;3241524]My Dr called today with the results of my labs. 18 months ago I had great readings on all of my labs and my pre-diabetes was way under control after losing a bunch of weight. Prior to that I would average 120 fasting.

Like a dumb-o I gained about 45 lbs back (I quit smoking 3/23/05). I haven't seen the Dr for some time and my glucose level was 240. I have no symptoms at all.

I am curious if inflamation and stress can cause ones sugar to rise? I have a very bad tooth that needs to be pulled which I am on antibiotics for and my stress level is through the roof.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance![/QUOTE]

Ditto what Cora said. The ugly truth is, gaining that amount of weight back probably did more to raise your blood sugar levels than the recent stress. Quitting smoking is good...even with the weight gain, but it may be time to take further steps to control your blood sugar. As Cora stated, T2 is a progressive illness, and it usually does advance over the years.

If you want to wait another 2-4 weeks and get retested, I think that would be reasonable, just to see if the stress was adding to the high number; but I suspect that you'll still have a somewhat high reading, due to the weight gain and simply the aging process. It might be time to consider some oral medication, and I certainly wouldn't wait longer than a month to take some action on this.


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