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When I was diagnosed with Type II, my A1C was 5.4 and my fasting blood sugar level was 86! However my 3 hour reading (during a glucose tolerance test) put me in range of a Type II diabetic - I think it was something like 201.
My doctor was surprised too b/c I am not overweight, and I'm relatively young. However there is a strong history of Type II in my mother's side of the family and she is also diabetic, so genetics play a very strong role in the disease.

Despite the diagnosis I manage to maintain relatively normal blood sugar levels. My doctor considered a fasting glucose anywhere over 120 abnormal. Since, in the beginning, my morning glucoses were between 110 and 115, he put me on metformin at night. So now my morning fasting numbers range beween 95 and 105 most of the time. Occasionally I might go up to 115.

Diet of course is key, and I personally find that exercise also makes a huge difference for me. On the days I don't work out my numbers are slightly elevated.

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