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I agree with both Cora and Itotito, and also suggest that you may want to be very grateful that you've had this forewarning, as you have a chance to take charge and possibly reverse this! If you're overweight, losing weight, sometimes even just 10 pounds, will help tremendously. You also might want to avoid simple sugars such as those in white flour, sugar, regular pasta, rice and white potatoes and, instead, substitute more complex carbs, such as whole wheat bread and pasta, sweet potatoes, brown rice, etc.

With T2, often the fasting numbers are the last to go, but those one, two and 3 hour post-glucose numbers are definitely high for a non-diabetic.

[QUOTE=georgiasamich;4151534]yesterday i ate a subway sandwhich and a tiny cookie and at 1.5 hrs my BS was at 124 and then 30min later 100...if i was T2D would that be much higher[/QUOTE]

These things vary from day to day. It depends on exercise, mood, temperature, your digestion, and how much fat was in the food. The bottom line (unfortunately) is that if you didn't have a glucose problem, you wouldn't have the high numbers that were originally quoted. Sorry, but that is the fact of the matter.

The good news is that you are probably in the very early stages, with much more normal numbers than abnormal numbers. This means that most likely with some lifestyle changes (exercise, weight, food) you may never develop significant problems or require additional intervention.

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