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[QUOTE=tcaincross;4758133]Susie...if I were you I would purchase a Blood Glucose Monitor and the Glucose Strips and I would keep that on hand at all times. Sounds like you do have diabetes but instead of being are hypoglycemic...which is VERY dangerous. If you have the monitor on hand at all times, when you feel this way..test your blood sugar and if its really below the normal range 80-120 (really below like in the 40's or lower). They you know you are diabetic and while it doesn't require medication. It is something you will need to recognize and be careful with. Like make sure you're eating 3 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Or 5 small meals...whichever works best in controlling your blood sugar.

Hope this helps!!!!![/QUOTE]

So I buy those blood glucose monitor and strips and then do what? Or are the instructions written on the back?

I have read that a lot of people do have slumps and concentration problems and so on. That is why eating a low-glycemic-load diet is recommended to everyone?

Classic case is girl who felt that her blood sugar levels were too low, so she ate a lot of raisins in between meals to keep it up. She got it completely wrong as raisins have a very high GL and it was actually the fluctuation and the crash of her high blood sugar levels that caused all the trouble. She started eating peanuts instead and all her troubles got sorted.

Is there a blood test or something which can tell me whether I am diabetic?

Btw I now make sure that the GL of every meal I eat now is never more than 20, preferably under 15 or 10 even. Ie I never eat more than one slice of bread at a time/ half a cup of rice or pasta, eat tortillas instead of bread etc.

I eat at least 5 times a day, usually around 8. but always small meals. I have added complications (IBS) which means I can't eat nuts on their own and I can't have a high-fibre diet either. So it's tricky you see.

I have never fainted btw.

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