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[QUOTE=farmer10;4312695] ... my A1C and glucose levels. They were 6.1 and 120 fasting.[/QUOTE]

Seems like your metabolism is having some problems handling blood sugar, but is still able to do a fairly good job.

[QUOTE]I was confused afterwards by the:confused: term pre diabetic.[/QUOTE]

Pre-Diabetic means, to me, that you are consuming too many carbs in any one meal, or for the entire day, and you have been doing so for quite a while.

[QUOTE]Can I halt this progression with diet and exercise or am I doomed?[/QUOTE]

A good, healthy, reasonable calorie balanced diet is the "magic pill" for, not only halting the progression towards Diabetes, but also for completely reversing Pre-Diabetes.

Regarding "Pre-Diabetes"? I would be willing to bet that well over 50% of adult Americans have Pre-Diabetes in one form or another.

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