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I have a question regarding fasting glucose levels. First, I have not been diagnosed as having diabetes. But I do have PCOS (didn't find this out until July 2010 but I have probably had it for years the doc said) and Psoriasis which increases my chances of developing it. I am overweight but I have managed to lose about 30 pounds since March thorough diet and exercise. My last fasting glucose test was in October 2009 and the results were 123. I only found this out in March 2010 when I started becoming more vigilant about my medical records. I had previously asked my doctor about the results and he said they were fine. Anyway, since then I have been testing my blood sugar at home first thing in the morning and in the beginning the reuslts would run anywhere from 93 to 139. Not very often in the 130's but it still showed up. Then after the diet and exercise kicked in I guess, it pretty much ran in the 90's to low 100's. I stopped the diet for a month due to remodeling my home (heavy labor and such, we did it ourselves) and ever since then I cannot get the fasting levels back down in the 90's. In fact it has been running around 120. So I decided to test earlier in the morning to see if it was running this high all night long. Bedtime numbers were usually 103 to 115. I usually test at 6:30 but then I started testing at 4:30 and it would be 99, at 5:30 it would be 100 to 110 and then at 6:30 it would be in the 120's again. The rest of the day pre and post meal are fine, rarely above 105 at premeal and post meal is always below 120 with a few exceptions. My questions is this, does the Dawn Phenom. happen in everyone? Does these results mean I am diabetic (above 126 fasting). Could my meter be running high? (Walmart Relion Micro) By the way, my last A1C was 5.1, down from 5.3, it has come down since I started the diet and exercise. I have blood work coming up in October and I am afraid the fasting result will be high and I don't want to get an incorrect diagnosis if my blood sugar is only high 2 hours of the day. Any information would be appreiciated. Sorry for the long post. :D
[QUOTE=Cora1003;4331913]Hi Coding. First off, you lab result of 123 was not "ok". It was in the pre-diabetes range. Since you are testing, I would also check what your 2 hour post meal reading is - this will give you a good idea of how you might want to adjust your diet (as fasting levels are often the last to go).

Yes, the dawn phenomenon does happen to all people. It is only people with a glucose impairment that will see an actual rise in blood sugar. If you don't have this problem, then your fasting will still be below 100.

Your a1c is good, but that isn't always the whole story and it indicates a good average, but doesn't indicate how high you are spiking after meals.

As for the meter - the industry standard is +/- 20%. So if your actual glucose is 100, the meter could read anywhere from 80 to 100. The only way to know for sure is to take your meter to the lab and compare it to the lab value (not the meter in the docs office as you don't know how accurate that one is either).

So this should be your plan of attack. Occasionally check 2 hours after meals. There is an expression that goes "eat to your meter". You will see which foods spike you. Up your exercise, avoid white foods (rice, potato, white bread, pasta), and then take your meter to the lab with you and test when they draw the blood so you will see how accurate your meter is.

Sorry I can't tell you any specifics about diagnosis, but at least this way you will be prepared for the labs in October and have some idea before hand what is going on.

Keep us posted.[/QUOTE]

Thanks Cora for the post and the advice. My 2 hour numbers post meal are usually 120 or lower on my meter. I avoid rice, pasta and I eat the whole grain high fiber wraps instead of white bread with my meals if I want bread. I don't see a big jump when I do eat potatoes which is rarely and only in small amounts but I keep an eye on them. I cannot use artificial sweetners or even the "natural" ones such as Stevia because the induce migraines for me. Weird, I know but that is what I have traced them to along with too much pork, nitrites, sulfites and sometimes peanut butter. Again thanks for the post. I appreciate all the advice I can get. And I will keep you posted. :wave:

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