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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;4765349]For weeks now, I have been having a lot of (constant) tingling in the arms, hands and fingers, pain in my feet, muscle aches, and dizziness.[/QUOTE]

The tingling, dizziness, etc., could also be a sign of Pre-Diabetes, or Insulin Resistance.

Do you also get numbness in places like the back of your hands?

[QUOTE] and came up with a reading of [B]8.0[/B]. The time was 7:30pm, about 1hour and 45 minutes after I ate my dinner.[/QUOTE]

Blood Sugar should be at 6.6 (120) or less two hours after the start of a meal, IMHO. Was your measurement 1hr 45 mins after the [U]start[/U] of your meal, or after the [U]end[/U] of your meal?

[QUOTE]My question is: could the rather high reading have been a consequence of eating my dinner, almost 2 hours previously?[/QUOTE]

The highest blood sugar reading will be around one hour, or so, after the start of a meal. [I]If[/I] the Pancreas is doing a reasonably good job and [U]depending upon the body's level of Insulin Resistance[/U], the blood sugar drops as the time, after the meal, continues towards two hours and thereafter.

I posted a thread about how I achieved excellent blood pressure and blood sugar levels, in April 2010 titled:

[B][COLOR="RoyalBlue"]My success against High Blood Pressure, Heart Failure, AFib, and Insulin Resistance[/COLOR][/B] at the direct link:


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