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[QUOTE=nicknack38;4787854]Thank you for the replies... I am very consistient with going to the doctor .The problem is 3 different doctors tell me 3 different things so it makes it very hard to know what to do . I do not take take insulin or anything for my diabetes.Because I could not understand why different doctors wanted me on so much when my sugar never even got over 180 after a high carb meal . at first I was told to check 1 hour after eating and if it was 150 or higher use the sliding scale then the endo said check one hour before then my GP said 2 hrs after WTH ???? it got to where i was afraid to clean or even move cuz I would drop to 60 , Then I talk to other ppl with much higher sugar and a1c and they are on less .[/QUOTE]Hey NickNack. I do feel your frustration. Especially when you're new at this. The doctors do their best but they're often from different trains of thought and schooling and their diabetes education is weak unless they're an endocrinologist. This is where message boards can come in real handy. Though I'm new here at HealthBoards, I'm not new to D or to message boards for health. If you want someone to 'proverbially cup your face in their hands and say' "listen to me".. "we" can do that here.. I am willing to help.

Here's a list -- that I PROMISE YOU will work to start getting a hold on this disease and pushing it further and further into the background of your life. For this first year it will be pretty much 'center stage' in your life - but it gets better.

1) Make sure you test when you wake up, immediately BEFORE a meal - and for about 3 months or more test 1 hour and 2 hours after first bite of your meal. So hopefully you can get yoru doctor to approve testing 9-10 times a day. If they won't. Go to your local Walmart and buy their RELION CONFIRM meter. And you can get 100 test strips for it for $36. That should get you goin'. The meter is very reliable - I've used it forever.

2)Approach eating like you're trying to limit carbs almost totally. Most of us can't handle that. So you have to give yourself 'break days' and 'break meals' thru the week until your body starts getting used to eating a new way. But start by knowing what a 'carb is'. Anything 'white' or 'grainey'. So pasta, potatoes, all rices, all breads/grains and of course cakes, cookies, candies and sugared sodas. Add to the 'bad' list the salty snacks like potato chips, pretzels, etc.. all the GOOD COMFORT LATE NIGHT FOODS.. :dizzy:.. :(.. Nuts are okay - watch the salt.

3) Start eating 'open face sandwiches' as you're lowering your bread intake. Any restaurant will make the stuff on their menu WITH bread -- WITHOUT the roll or bread. Just ask. My wife's gluten intolerant and I'm a diabetic so we order 'no bread' all the time. For me I was lucky that potatoes didn't spike my blood sugar - but they do to many people. Find 'one carb' that's your 'lifeline' carb to help you through. Anything 'fried' will spike you less. So a french fry is better than mashed potatoes in terms of preventing a spike in your blood sugar.

4) When you test at 1 hour after first bite you'll be checking how the 'highest spike' level.. If you're under 180mg/dL on your meter -- you're pretty ok -- though one day you'll want to NEVER go over 140mg/dL. And then if at 2 hours after first bit you're under 140mg/dL then the foods you ate were 'near safe'. Though one day at the 2 hour mark you'll want to be back to fasting level which should be between 80-100mg/dL max. As you increase your exercise and your meds get fine-tuned these numbers and reactions to food will change - so you need several months of testing and retesting foods to know what's safe for you. We call this process 'EATING TO YOUR METER'. It's very helpful to do. If your meter shows a spike at 1 hour or prolonged high number after 2 hours -- you need to phase that food out of your life. Believer I DO know how hard this is..

5)If the oral meds your doc is prescribing is not getting your number to between 80-140mg/dL all day every day -- then your either eating too many carbs still or you'll want to ask your doc to add slow and fast acting insulin to your 'tool chest'. The needles are SO small you don't even feel them. Don't think 'flu shot' needles. If you go with the 'pen needles' they're only 3/8" long and SO thin you can't even see them. The injection hurts LESS than the finger sticks for testing. Believe me.

6) Finally -- take a deep breath and think LONG RUN in your head. This is a long run and a year from now you won't believe the changes you've made and how much better you feel and likely look too. Don't be afraid, especially if you go on insulin, to have a 'break day' you take once a week. For me it's going to International House of Pancakes and having my normal eggs and bacon but having some pancakes with real syrup. I use my fast acting insulin to make sure I don't spike. But it gets me through the next week with almost no 'cheats'. We have to retrain the way we eat. Many here will tell you the 'all or nothing' approach. That may work for some. For most - I don't think so. We need to 'retrain' and that takes a long time. But after 2 years of this - when I'm give a piece of birthday cake it just tastes like a whole bag of sugar to me and I just don't like it anymore. I eat a little. But a lo carb Breyer's icre cream bar is my favorite now. I have one every night.

OH-- and adopt BREAKFAST as your favorite meal of the day - since most breakfast foods, except the breads, are diabetic friendly. Eat all the eggs, breakfast meat and cheese and veggies you want for breakfast. I have a 3 egg omelet with cheese and veggies and 2 sausage patties EVERY DAY for breakfast. Doesn't touch my blood glucose levels and my cholesterol is perfect too.

Hang in there and ask a lot of questions!!

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