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Pre Diabetes
Jan 30, 2013
About 6 weeks ago, I noticed that I felt really crummy after eating sweet and carbs - super tired. Then, a couple of weeks later, I started getting very thirsty & dehydrated, going to the bathroom a lot and I am very tired. Also, I have some blurry vision. Went to see my GP and had the H1AC, which came back 5.7. I also have a strong family history of diabetes (father, grandfather, all 3 uncles). I already follow a very low-carb diet, exercise regularly and am thin. So, not sure what else I can do to control it, if in fact, it is diabetes.

My regular dr referred me to an endrocronologist who was rather dismissive of my symptoms and said my H1AC and fasting blood sugar (97 when he took it in his office) wasn't diabetes and told me to come back in three months for another H1AC. In the meantime, I feel pretty crummy. Not sure what to do next. He said if I was really concerned, I could have the fasting glucose tolerance test, which I'll do. When I've tested my own blood sugar, I've gotten some moderately high #'s, 100 to 120 fasting.

Is it normal to have not super high/pre diabetic blood sugar levels with these symptoms??

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