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First of all, don't forget that it can take up to 6 weeks for the metformin to get up to full strength in your system. It won't raise your glucose, but it doesn't lower glucose like insulin either.

As for the amount of carbs, a good rule of thumb is to "eat to your meter". My husband (who is type 2, I am type 1), has been doing that and has good results. He eats between 120 and 160 g of carb per day. I haven't seen anyone online who does well with the ada recommended amount of carbs. It is just too high for most people's systems to handle. So eat a certain amount of carb and test 2 hours after. If you are too high, either cut out that food, or cut back the portion. Foods to avoid are typically "white" like pasta, potato, bread, rice.

I'm sure that with the exercise, met, and diet modifications your blood sugar will come down.

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