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Diabetes can cause lots of things, but I've never heard of it causing that type of ear problem.

When you tested your daughter after lunch, did you start timing when she STARTED eating or when she finished? The two-hour mark is supposed to be timed from the start of the meal, not when one is finished eating. So, if you waited until she finished, which would mean it was more like 2:15 to 2:30 (or longer), then that would seem a bit high. If it was timed from when she started eating, it's not too bad...maybe just a tad high, but if she ate an all-carb meal (as many three-year olds do), it might not be that high for her.

Test her fasting bg's too...first thing in the morning, before breakfast.

Normal blood sugar levels are:

AM fasting - less than or equal to 100

2-hours after meals - less than or equal to 140

Bedtime - less than or equal to 120.

Keep a log, and if she's consistently exceeding those numbers, call her pediatrician and make an appointment. Don't wait too long, as Type 1 diabetes can be very dangerous for kids if not treated.


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