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Your doctor is correct...doesn't matter if you call it hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, or whatever, it is diabetes.

The fact that all your symptoms disappeared when you started taking metformin should be giving you a clue. And those blood sugars you mention, being 100-120, if those are fasting, then you are definitely developing diabetes.

Here's the thing, Roro...Type 2 diabetes (which is probably what you have) can definitely be controlled, and well-controlled, for many years with proper diet and metformin, even if you can't exercise. And even with you neck problems and the neuropathy, there's probably some kind of exercise you can still do. It doesn't have to be that intensive to improve your glucose metabolism.

As for whether the neuropathy was caused by diabetes or your other'll probably never know. But keeping your blood sugar levels under tight control will help prevent the neuropathy from worsening.


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