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... so my Dr. told me to have a small snack before bedtime, usually something with protein and small bit of carbs. so I make a half sandwich of peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat bread. ... (5 replies)
... ts sleep will affect your readings. Just keep an eye on things and as long as your within a decent range I wouldn't get too concerned. If you start getting above 120 in the a.m., then look to see if you ate something different, or had a rotten nights sleep etc. ... (5 replies)
... i had a hard time finding a post from you but now i did and i asked this same question of JJ cause i know she is type 2 and closer to what i have but you are a fountain of info too and so i wanted to ask you too. ... (34 replies)

... A couple of months ago I started feeling a little lightheaded, dizzy, weak if I went too long without eating. Once or twice felt like I was going to pass out. ... (5 replies)
... While low blood sugar occurs much more frequently in people with Type I diabetes, people with Type II that strive for tight blood sugar control can experience episodes of low blood sugar. ... (6 replies)
Insulin Pump
Mar 29, 2006
... ve been on the pump your A1c has dropped 2 percentage points, but in your last post you said the reason you started on the pump was frequent low blood sugar levels, or hypoglycemia. ... (8 replies)
... Well, yeah. If you are high all the time, say at 190 most of the time, then 130 might actually feel weird and not quite right. Your body acclimates to anything, including higher blood sugars. ... (11 replies)
... However my doctor is correct in that 250 mg and above is damaging to vessels and organs. Also I have to do ketone testing at 250 and above. A blood sugar that STAYS above that. ... (14 replies)
Blood sugar
May 22, 2015
... I considered this normal so i didn't consider diabetes, but the past couple of days i have been urinating more often. ... (6 replies)
... Sounds like your blood sugar level is dropping to a dangerous level. You may be hypoglycemic, which means, you will have to try and keep blood sugar levels "up". ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with type 2 about 2 months ago. I am monitoring my glucose levels twice a day and trying to control this strictly with diet. I have lost 12 pounds so far, am 5'2" and weigh 120 lbs. My question is this. ... (1 replies)
... your blood glucose levels usually spike at 1 hour, going back to normal at the 2 hour mark. But that depends on what you eat. ... (1 replies)
... hours after run under 120. Splenda and diet sodas do not raise my blood sugar at all. ... (16 replies)
Quite confused!
Apr 29, 2005
... April last year I started having attacks where my eyes go funny, and I feel I am gonna pass out. It affects my breathing and I feel as If I have drunk 4 glasses of red wine or something. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with type 2 about 3 months ago after gaining a massive amount of weight within the span of approximately 2 years. From November 2003 to currently of January 2006 I went from 170 to 300 at a height of 5'9. ... (4 replies)
... The most important times to test blood sugar are first thing in the morning, after fasting all night. Blood sugar then should be less than 100. The next important reading is at two hours after the start of a meal. Blood sugar then should be less than 120. ... (4 replies)
Type 2 Diabetes
Jul 8, 2007
... Not being a doctor, my information should be of little value. A type 2 diabetic taking medicine for a long time may be able to go off their medicine for a little while before the actual numbers start rising. ... (17 replies)
Estimating A1C
Jul 10, 2004
... From the sounds of things, you wanted opinions so I thought I would give you mine. You sound as if you have made a night and day difference in your lifestyle. ... (12 replies)
... meal testing that my levels stay under 130 if I eat minimal carbs. If I add carbs, I spike at approx 1.25 hours at 140 or 150. ... (0 replies)
... So I had my annual physical about a month ago and my fasting blood sugar level was 112 so my dr ordered a glucose tolerance test. my levels after 2 hours were 190.... ... (8 replies)

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